Evan Lee Jensen the story continues

evan lee jensen for new paper

As Mr. jensen found his way into the field of the paranormal  he as well found a new way to stalk and harass woman and children. it was in 2013 that Mr jensen would show his true colors. When he began stalking a woman out of Arizona. once she turned him away his temper flared and he began making death threats. and when that did not work he began threats towards  her young children. to the point that she had to obtain a restringing order.

restaning order.jpg

At this time the true Evan Lee Jensen came out as he stalked the net on the prole for his next victim. resulting in multiple retaining orders and many warrants out for his arrest.

warrent on evan

the true danger was what was to happen next, Mr Evan Lee Jensen, A known pedophile began sending porn to the underage children of the people in the paranormal he met on line. Let me tell you there was pissed off mom’s and Dads to the point that just this year 2016, Evan Lee Jensen had all his electronic equipment seized by the FBI for child pornography.

As we dug into the clams We did come to fiend out that Mr Jensen did indeed kidnap an 8 year old out of California. from a woman he was stalking. Evan was caught just over the border of California and the child was returned to his mother. and Evan was ordered to undergo mental evaluation in a locked down psychiatric facility.

Once out he mental instabilities would once again be brought to light. As he began stalking and slandering others in the paranormal field online when they did not want to agree with him.

Evan was attempting to make up a story to get on TV , A story called the white eyed kids. Brett called him out please see in Evans own words where he states that he was attempting to do this. Evan went after Brett stalking and harassing him on line. trying to destroy his name in the paranormal field.

now mind you Brett was well known and very well respected in the field of the paranormal. A few months latter Brett was murdered, Evan Jensen harassed him and stalked him on line even the days after Brett’s murder. posting things like (thank god that Fuck is dead, and good i hope he goes to hell.)  On the very page Brett’s family had set up.

what kind of monster does that?

evan story timeEvan 02.jpg

evan story time

A quick shout out to my Brother Brett. I so miss you.

brett 01
May you wings be lined in Gold.

This is not the first deceased individual Evan has gone after. In 2013 he had slammed my son who was shoot and killed. He has as well gone after other peoples deceased children.

Evan is a very sick man who has been in and out of mental asylums his whole life and has even stole his deceased brothers identity in order to hide his own. but was caught.

now you may think this is the end but trust me we are just getting to the good stuff. the darkness and mental illness runs deep with in MR.Evan Lee Jensen’s mind. a vortex of pure Evil with in the mindset of a stalker, pedophile and kidnapper.

we will be posting the screen shots from so many that have been stalked and harassed by MR. Evan Lee Jensen



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