evan lee jensen for new paper

Evan Lee Jensen Dob 5/8/1966

Address: 2609 south East Harrison Street Apartment 9, Milwaukie Oregon

Evan is well know as a convicted Kidnapper and known child pedophile who to-day prowls the Net stalking woman.

Evan Uses a blog sight by the name of The paranormal Herald to stalk and harass woman in the field of the Paranormal. As you will see by many screen shots and Video’s the manor in witch Mr. Jensen mental illness plays out,

You will hear from his own words how he admits to partaking in child porn, and lying about others to gain attention.

as you can see Evan fully admits to watching child porn and making up things on people. for the original statement please go to the comment part of the link below.


here is what Evan Jensen states:

lol! My web camera was off ans who ever you are cnt do anything to me. I make it up people people bleave it. In not done with Joe Vitalie. I will make him look a fool

Evan has for years harassed people in the paranormal his name can be found all over the net. if you google it.


As you can see Evan Jensen will go as far as altering comments others post on his page/

evan altering coments

as you can see he will go to any link to lie.





this sight has so much on it showing just who Evan is and the links he will go to lie and make things up on people



One would ask them self’s why would so many people say the same thing? The simple truth is that Evan Lee jensen lies, harasses and stalk others. this can be shown beyond a dough.

He admits to making up things on others. In his own words he admits to doing child porn.

the facts are simple.

1- he is a convicted kidnapper who did 3 years in prison.

2- he is a known child pedophile

3- In his own words he lies about others to get attenuation

4- he stalks woman on the net

5- he committed stolen valor

6- he committed the crime of impersonating an FBI agent.

7- he has many warrants out for his arrest for stalking and harassing

8- there are many restringing orders ageist Evan Lee Jensen

We do have more coming in and will be posting it.







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