Evan Jensen & Judi Giramonti.

judi g

For as long as anyone can remember Judi N Giramonti ( aka Judi Little aka Judi Cowden has  run amok in the paranormal. doing what ever she can to get others to know who she is. Judi is well known for being the paranormal fields own drunk. stalker , harasser and just all out liar.

to understand how this came about one must first understand who Judi Giramonti truly is. we have indeed dug into her past and found some interesting things.

Judi was adopted by Andrew Giramonti and Ross Giramonti ( Costanzo) due to Judi biological mother have severe drug and alcohol addiction. Judi was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. witch would would count for the deformation characteristics of her face. As well as the mental capacity of her thinking process.


The mental impact into adult hood is proven

As individuals with FASD enter adulthood, they and their family members and caregivers face additional challenges. Adults are increasingly vulnerable to the secondary disabilities associated with FASD such as trouble with the law, mental health problems, an inability to live independently, and victimizing others. Adults are more likely to be unemployed and often struggle to manage the money in their possession. While a proper diagnosis, access to the best interventions, and a positive environment are beneficial, they often do not prevent secondary disabilities.

Judi had lost custody of  her two children, Damien Little and Shannon Kreutzer when they where very young due to Judi’s drug and alcohol, as well as mental and physical abuse to her children.

her mother Ross and her father Andrew raised Judi’s children as Judi was in and out of trouble with the law for Drugs, alcohol, stalking and harnessing please see her police documents below.

judi 02

judi 03



Judith Giramonti, 44, of 387 Meriden Ave., Southington; charged with violating a restraining order.

As you can clearly see Judi is no stranger to stalking and harassing people.  others have placed their stories on blogs in order to try to stop her from doing it to others. I have placed the links here for you.






We had came to hear about Judi giving a blow job for $ 50 to earn the money to adopt a dog. folks you just can not make something like this up!!!

in her own she words admits to giving a blow job for the $50.

Let me set the record straight……first off yes I am on disability for PTSD and this just adds to it…….secondly that arrest was 10 years ago and it involved a domestic dispute and yes I did have 2 years probation for that and finished so I did my time to society…..third contacting one’s family is really funny when my mom is 92 and has dementia and my daughter and I never got along so I doubt you even got much out of her anyway and if you did who the hell cares. I never got thrown out of any where and always paid my rent…..I left on my own. As far as the dog goes the guy I have been seeing for 8 years got me the dog and if I did do that then that is my business unlike others I know. Both articles on Joe Vitale have been taken down and were put up do to the shit he said to me and calling me a crazy bitch was just not nice. No I did not get the messages until later that night cause I wasn’t home at the time. Oh yeah and last time I knew drinking was legal and I only drink once a month but lately I haven’t been drinking at all. Oh word to the wise I will find out who is writing this blog and it can only be one person I know of and that is the one that called the cops on me and you know you were told to LEAVE ME ALONE by them as I have done with you. I have said nothing about you so now I am telling you take this down and LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!


in her own words she states ( As far as the dog goes the guy I have been seeing for 8 years got me the dog and if I did do that then that is my business unlike others I know.)

now this is just a beginning to the story there is much more to come in part 2  see how Evan lee Jensen and Judi work hand and hand to stalk and harass many in the paranormal.


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