Judi Giramonti,paranormal prostitute

judi g

Judi has been well know in the field of the paranormal for being the paranormal drunk. It was with new info and even her own words that she fully admits to being a prostitute.

it was when she had told the story of how she had gotten the $50 to adopted a dog from the animal shelter that would take every one back.

Judi was just kicked out of her mothers house due to the abuse of her 92 year old mother and grandchildren.

She had found a room/basement to rent from a young couple but things would not last long as they never does when it comes to Judi staying in one place to long. due to her out of control.

she had gone to the animal shelter and saw a dog she had wanted to take home.  but she did not have the $50. She met a guy at the animal shelter and offered a blow job for the $ 50 so she could adopted the dog. and the man took her up on it.

please see in her own words where she admits to it.

Let me set the record straight……first off yes I am on disability for PTSD and this just adds to it…….secondly that arrest was 10 years ago and it involved a domestic dispute and yes I did have 2 years probation for that and finished so I did my time to society…..third contacting one’s family is really funny when my mom is 92 and has dementia and my daughter and I never got along so I doubt you even got much out of her anyway and if you did who the hell cares. I never got thrown out of any where and always paid my rent…..I left on my own. As far as the dog goes the guy I have been seeing for 8 years got me the dog and if I did do that then that is my business unlike others I know. Both articles on Joe Vitale have been taken down and were put up do to the shit he said to me and calling me a crazy bitch was just not nice. No I did not get the messages until later that night cause I wasn’t home at the time. Oh yeah and last time I knew drinking was legal and I only drink once a month but lately I haven’t been drinking at all. Oh word to the wise I will find out who is writing this blog and it can only be one person I know of and that is the one that called the cops on me and you know you were told to LEAVE ME ALONE by them as I have done with you. I have said nothing about you so now I am telling you take this down and LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!

now please look at what she wrights.

As far as the dog goes the guy I have been seeing for 8 years got me the dog and if I did do that then that is my business unlike others I know. Both articles on Joe Vitale have been taken down and were put up do to the shit he said to me and calling me a crazy bitch was just not nice.

1-  her own word states she gave a blow job for a dog……..

2- in her own words she has been seeing this guy for 8 years.

Question – last year she was living at Darleen’s and never sad she had a boy friend…

Question- lest then 6 months ago when she was allowed to go on her 1st exorcism case. that was not her case and she tried to get money from the home owners with out the person who’s case it was even knowing. she did not have a boy-friend then.

3- Question- she admits to harassing Joe Vitale and lying about him. just due to he called her crazy!!!!!!  OKAY she is so he did not lie about it. she is on disability due to she is crazy….

Judi has a long history of stalking people her police documents show this.  just in February of this year 2016 there has been 3 police reports made , due to she has called peoples , collages, work, family’s, and the list goes on.

judi 02

judijudi 03

Now this is where Judi and Evan lee jensen  ( the paranormal fields own para pedophile, and convicted kidnapper)  are so much alike . you see they bash people with lies and and then when the people they are bashing and have lied about stand up to them self’s  they cry.

One would ask them self what is a 60 year old drunk prostitute who only a few years ago address was  an asylum in South Carolina. ( and yes it is true,,, folks you can not make this kind of shit up. (she even admits it on one of her radio shows…) And A 50 something year old man Evan Jensen child pedophile and convicted kidnapper  doing in a field where they go into peoples homes. around their children. Is there a meeting sight  called crazy and criminals we all do not about?????

Look the bottom line you guys ( all joking aside ) these are very danger’s People  we need to get the word out in the paranormal community about the truth of these people.

if we do not and they go into a unsuspecting persons home and something happens. it is on all of us. stand and let these 2 people know that we will not let them hurt any one other.together our voices are strong



One thought on “Judi Giramonti,paranormal prostitute

  1. This is true about the prostitute.
    She told me on the phone as I recorded it.
    In her own words she prostitute’s her self out for more the a dog adoption fee.
    She has done it for beer, etc,
    Now I have the recording.
    She as well is a full on alcoholic.
    That lies all the time.
    Now she has been in love with evan as long as I can remember.
    And will play like she and evan are in a fight just to get info in some one.
    The thing is no one in the field belives a word her or evan say.

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