Judi Giramonti, paranormal drunk.

judi g

For as long as any one can remember Judi and Evan have had A on line love -hate relationship going on.

Judi has always been Evan’s lap dog so to say but one may ask why. Why would a 60 year old woman befriend a known convicted kidnapper and child pedophile.

well that is the question on everyone’s mind?  in order to answer that question we must first know the mental mentality and thought process on this individual.

Judi was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Witch explains the deformation in her facial features. witch is common in fetal alcohol syndrome.

please see chart below.


This would as well explain Judi’s mental mind set. It is well documented that the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome causes many in-formalities with in the brain it’s self

The term Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) includes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND). Individuals with FASD often have symptoms or behavior issues that are a direct result of damage to the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that controls “executive functions.”

central part of emotional circuitry, senses danger, fear and anxiety; plays major role in recognizing faces and facial expressions, social behavior, aggression, and emotional memory; critical for stimulus-reinforcement association learning.

The hypothalamus, amygdala, and hippocampus are part of the limbic system, which regulates emotions, social and sexual behavior, the “fight or flight” response, and empathy, all areas of concern for individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure.

Executive Functions
Executive functions of
the prefrontal cortex:
Effects of alcohol exposure on behaviors
related to executive functions:
  • inhibition
  • problem solving
  • sexual urges
  • planning
  • time perception
  • internal ordering
  • working memory
  • self-monitoring
  • verbal self-regulation
  • empathy
  • regulation of emotion
  • motivation
  • judgment
  • socially inappropriate behavior, as if inebriated
  • inability to figure out solutions spontaneously
  • inability to control sexual impulses, esp. in social situations
  • inability to apply consequences from past actions
  • difficulty with abstract concepts or time and money
  • like files out of order, difficulty processing information
  • storing and/or retrieving information
  • needs frequent cues, requires policing by others
  • needs to talk to self out loud, needs feedback
  • diminished sense of remorse, inability to understand others
  • moody roller-coaster emotions, exaggerated
  • need external motivators to complete menial tasks
  • inability to weigh pros and cons when making decisions

Now as we all know this would explain much of what Judi is known for doing. As you can see by the links posted below.




now as you can see She has a long track record of stalking and harnessing others on line to get attention this stems from her diminished sense of remorse. she does not understand that what she does impacts her future.

this is where Evan Jensen and her relationship falls into place. she has the inability to weigh the pros and cons when making decisions. in her mind set Evan being a child pedophile and convicted kidnapper is normal. she see nothing wrong with him hurting others . as we know by her history her own children had been taken for abuse by the state of CT. and Judi was  never allowed to see them. due she tried to drowned her own daughter when she was a baby.

For Judi hurting a child, or an elderly person is the same as stepping on a bug. So she can not see anything wrong with Evan Jensen being a child pedophile, or harming his own mother as she lied dying in a nursing home. or taking his brother that passed away identity.

for Judi in her minds eye this is perfectly acceptable behavior. Along with the stalking she partakes in. the Stalking goes back many years as well as her alcohol and drug addiction please see her police documents below.


judi 05

judi 02

As you can see Judi has a long history of stalking and harassing others. to the point of violation of protection orders. this woman is a danger to her self and society.

she has spent most her life much like Evan Jensen in and out of Jail and asylums. please see Evans police document.

omg evan

It is with this that that not only should these 2 people not be in the paranormal but should not be turned lose on society. these are two very dangers people who for what ever reason have found one another.

we ask that you do you’re home work before you contact people you do not know. do not just go off the internet but pull their police documents. if you do not you could end up with people like this in you’re home placing you’re family in imminent danger. placing you’re child right in the path of a know pedophile and convicted kidnapper.



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