Evan Lee Jensen the cold hard truth.

evan lee jensen photo

For most of the paranormal they know Evan lee Jensen by a slam blog he wrights called the paranormal Herald. Where he uses the blog sight to post lie’s and slander about many in the field of the paranormal.

Who is the True Evan Lee Jensen? We will post all documents on this page so that you may see for you’re self That is is indeed a convicted kidnapper and child pedophile. A man that was sentenced to 10 years in Oregon state penitentiary for kidnapping a woman he was stalking.  (please see document  below)

omg evan

Now one may ask why is a man that spent time in prison for stalking and harassing to the point of kidnapping be let into any ones home to do a paranormal investigation.

And with being a know child pedophile this is putting children in a direct danger. He should not be around any child. most of all young boy’s

Evan lee Jensen first appeared in the paranormal scene in 2010 only 5 short years ago. where he went on his first paranormal investigation with a team from his home town.

While at the investigation he made sexual advances towards the home owner as well as one of the young female investigators it was only a few hours in when the team and home owner had kicked him out of the investigation.

Evan begin to make up some wild story’s to sat the least to get others to trust him so he could go on investigations. one story almost landed him back in jail.

He claimed to be a decorated Navy Seal.

evan navy seal

Now the truth came to light and we came to fiend they Evan lee jensen committed stole valor. we have all the documents posted here for you.






Now once he was confronted with this his story changed when he stated he was sorry that he never said he was a Navy Seal

evan amiting he not a seal

This just shows how he will not think twice about lying .

then he claims to work with the FBI. please see screen shot below.

evan saing he is a fed agent

From then on Evan Lee Jensen has a long history of stalking and harassing people on line as you will see by the screen shots below.

He prides his self   in making up lies about others.

At one point and still to this day he has gone after Ryan Bull do to he would not come on his internet radio show. he even went as far as to have some one come on and pretend to be Ryan to just to lie and sabotage Ryan.

evan and judi

As you can see in he own words Evan has no problem lying and setting people up. It is what he does.

He even goes as far as to alter peoples messages to make him self look like he is in the right.

evan altering coments

this is not the only one he has done this to. there are 100’s that he has done it to.

now as if this is not enough to send people running as far way from Jensen and his slander and stalking. yes it gets worst.

In 2014 Evan went after a woman by the name of Christina. and what he did to her would make any one sick.

Evan had posted photos of Christina’s dying grandmother and posted that Christina killed her.

This promoted the start of many restating orders and warrants put out on Evan Lee jensen please see below.

restaning order

he as well harassed a man by the name of Brett till the day Brett was murdered After he would not lie and go along with Evans made up White eyed kid demon story.

Evan 02

When Brett passed Evan went on a face book sight for RIP. Brett and stated . (good glad that fucker is dead. )

WHO DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT? I know Brett well he was my co host and a great friend to a lot of people. he is miss.

brett 01

R.I.P. brother you are missed.

now he started on many other people  and now has many warrants out for him

warrent on evanthe warrant is for stalking,

Why is a 50 year old man who is a convicted kidnapper and a known pedophile in a field where we go into peoples home around their children. Evan has been in and out of asylums most his life.this is a very dangers individual. please fill free to take any documents from here you need. let stop these kind of people in the paranormal. remember the next child’s life you save could be you’re own. This man should never be around any little boy.

we always post document so you know that what is being posted is fact. please do you’re homework on people. if it is just on line that is one thing but please pull backgrounds checks before you let some one into you’re home or around you’re family. the life you could be saving could be you’re own.


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