Evan lee jensen the cold hard truth.

evan lee jensen photo
Evan jensen 5/8/1966

We will only post true facts about Mr. jensen you will see step by step how he stalks and harasses people in the paranormal. as well as his true criminal background.

All documents have been verified through law enforcement and court documents. We have provided you with phone numbers to call as well as documents.

now in a video Evan just put out he claims he could not be a felon due to he just did jury duty. (please see video below)

there is just a small problem with his statement. according to the law Evan jensen could not have served on jury duty (please see the law posted below)

according to ORS 137.281


ORS 137.281 (Withdrawal of rights during term of incarceration);

(E) Has been convicted of a felony or served a felony sentence within the 15 years immediately preceding the date the person is required to report for jury service; or

(F) Has been convicted of a misdemeanor involving violence or dishonesty, or has served a misdemeanor sentence based on a misdemeanor involving violence or dishonesty, within the five years immediately preceding the date the person is required to report for jury service.

(b) As used in this subsection:

(A) Felony sentence includes any incarceration, post-prison supervision, parole or probation imposed upon conviction of a felony or served as a result of conviction of a felony.

(B) Has been convicted of a felony has the meaning given that term in ORS 166.270 (Possession of weapons by certain felons).

(C) Misdemeanor sentence includes any incarceration or probation imposed upon conviction of a misdemeanor or served as a result of conviction of a misdemeanor.

(4) A person who is blind, hard of hearing or speech impaired or who has a physical disability is not ineligible to act as a juror and may not be excluded from a jury list or jury service on the basis of blindness, hearing or speech impairment or physical disability alone.

Now we know for fact that Mr. Jensen was convicted of Kidnapping and did time in prison.

(please see document below )

omg evan

Now as well in Evans own words he clams to be blind ( please see screen shots)

Evan 00

Now as well as he can not serve on a jury duty do to he has out standing warrants out for his arrest. ( please see document below)

warrent on evan

the verify please call the petersburg police police department at ( 1-804-732-4222) and give his name and date of birth.

this indeed shows that he could not have done jury duty.!!!

so one must ask why would he go to such links to cover up by faking a check? this is nothing new with Evan jensen due to we have  seen this many times before.

Mr. jensen has even gone as far as to have a person on one of his shows to pretend to be someone he was slamming and harassing at the time. ( please see screen shoots below.

evan and judi

this is not the only Evan has falsified thing below you will see in screen shots how Evan has made up thing to get attention in the paranormal. (please see screen  shots below)

Evan 02

Now Evan states he is only calling out the fakes in the paranormal field. but this screen shot shows that Evan him self indeed fakes things. one must ask them self if the paranormal is indeed about evidences and Evan is faking evidences, one would ask where is hes credibility stand?

Now one must understand the cold hard truth is Evan Lee jensen lies and makes false clams. he has even call DA’s office . it is always the same the DA and police always state that Mr. Jensen lies. and that he indeed does so to harass others.(please see a screen shot from the DA him self speaking volumes on the Lies Evan lee Jensen tells.

screenshot evan lieing to get othersin trublescreenshotevan jensen lies to get others in truble 02screenshot evan lieing to get others in truble 03 now Evan called the DA’s office stating that Scott was committing police impersonation. witch as every one can see was not true. but Evan him self in his own words state he works for the FBI.(please see screen shot below)

evan saing he is a fed agentEvan as well Stated he was a Navy Seal in order to obtain trust from people he had meet on the internet. (please see screen shot below)

evan navy seal

Now as you will see this as well was proven to be just another lie from Evan Lee Jensen. once his DD114 was pulled it had come to light that Evan never even made it out of basic training. Due to only a few days in he pulled a loaded gun on his commanding officer and landing himself in the Brink.

Evan was dishonorably discharged due to mental illness. ( please see his DD214 below.)






Now once this came to light and Evan had no way but to admit it he only then came clean. (please see screen shot below)

evan amiting he not a seal

 Now Evan once caught in lies will alter peoples statements. ( please see below the facts of this)

evan facking others statments 01

evan faking others staments 02

evan facking others staments 03

evan facking others statments 04

evan facking others statments 05

evan facking others statments 06

evan facking others statments 07

evan altering coments

Now Evan has done this many times to many different people.

He is well know to stalk the woman in the paranormal to the point of some of the woman had to obtain a restringing order. (please see copy below)

restaning order

there are many warrants and restating orders out for him from all over America.

Once any one calls him out or goes to post the truth he blocks them . (please see screen shots)

evan blocking anyone posting the truth 01.png

evan blocking the truth 02

Now many have Heard about Evan Lee Jensen being  a child Pedophile. This is indeed true. Evan Lee Jensen had gotten mad a man by the name of Rick Row. and mailed porn to his child.

for more info please go to


if you would like you can E-mail him and he will inform you of everything showing documentation.

we always encourage you to reach out and contact the people for you’re self’s so that you can get the full story.

We will be posting more as we have over 100 people sending us things and need to verify them before we post them. we will keep every one up-dated.



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