Evan Lee Jensen caught in LIES.

Evan 12

As many know With in the paranormal field A man by the name of Evan lee Jensen has long been stating that he calls out fakes and Frauds. but it would seem through the documents that the only fake and fraud here is Evan Jensen.

Evan clams to be a priest please see the video of Evan him self talking about him being a priest below.

in his own words he calls him-self an expert in demonic. please see below

in evans own words

Now Evan has told many lies , From being a Navy Seal , to working with the FBI. to being blind.

We have gotten an e- mail from an individual who contacted us about Evan Jensen stating he is a member of a satanic occult. we looked into it and came to fiend that it was indeed a fact. That Evan Jensen did state that he was affiliated with satanism. please see the screen shot below

devil evan

as you can clearly see Evan in his own words states ( Tom Erik Raspotnik ) who is the priest of the  satanic church by the name of, THEISTIC SATANISM.

Now one must Ask why would a self clammed catholic priest be doing calming he is a member of a satanic church.

Now we reached out to Tom and he was quit pleasant well spoken. he had told us that Evan was a member of the Face book group .and calmed to be a satanic worshiper. and wanted to become a member of the THEISTIC Satanism church. but Tom would not have him due to his mental instability.

Tom did talk about the Animal Sacrifices and told me Evan was fine with it.

now another thing that just took me back was the fact the Tom promotes prostitution and he had told me that Evan had asked how to get into it.

please see Tom’s own words on prostitution below


 Blackwood Speaks

On Prostitution:
Having owned an Escort Service for years I can comment on this from a
“first person perspective” I believe those who engage in
rape and incest deserve to be castrated and those who harm children
sexually to death, however legalization of prostitution would curb
much of this criminal activity and would allow for business’s to
pay into a much needed tax deficit, however as long as Christianity is
allowed to inflict moral judgment of society prostitution shall always
be outlawed except in Nevada, and even there Christian zealots fight
to overturn age-old laws and protection against closing down
Bordello’s a crossed Northern Nevada.
My very own Escort Service and my ability to cut a swath through
females sexually pales in comparison to those who stand in Satanism
convicted for Child Molesting and Rape charges.

I have always had respect for women who understand the concept that
sex should cost a man something, and those men of us who can enjoy it
free should consider ourselves lucky.
“Free-Fucking” goes on a crossed America every night I ask
why not get paid for this, you are taking the chance at H.I.V. or even
Herpes so why not make it rewarding instead of not getting paid and
going home wondering if he will call or she will call the next day.
Hail indulgence!

Now one would ask why Mr. jensen  who state that he was a catholic priest be into joining a Satanism church. and want to run prostitutes and do  Animal Sacrifices

this would on to wonder if this does not play into his stalking of woman on new or even the kidnapping.

we have a lot more coming in on Mr. jensen  it all takes time due to we will not post anything that is not documented.



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