Evan lee Jensen, and the true documents.

evan lee jensen photo
Evan Jensen.


For years now Evan Lee Jensen has been posting lies about my self and so many others. so I am taking this time to bring to truth to light. with court documents.

I started having a problem With Evan in 2014 when he wanted me to do one of his shows . I know even back then all to well about him , as well as I had my own show I was doing. the Dark side.

Well lets just say that did not sit well with Evan Lee Jensen. not only did he start to slander me but took my shows name and tried to use it.

I put a stop to that very fast as I have copy write on it. And he was kicked off blog talk .

Evan began calling my work. sending lies to then contacting my family on Face book.

So at that time I had call the police after many late night phone calls. and stalking and harassing me and my Family.

My court did give me a restringing order. but it did not help. (please see document below.)

pertective order agenst evan

Now one would think that this would get him to stop but all it did was make him mad.

at this time he did not stop so they put out a warrant for his arrest,( please see document below)

warrent on evan

now this is where the story gets crazy. or should I say crazy-er?

Evan went to his court house and filed on me who mind you lives over 3,500 miles away from him. and the documents he posted was noting but lies. i will let you read them you’re self.(please see below)

evan lieing on court documents 02

evan lieing on court documents 01

please see the court case Evan files.

evan ,me court case i won

Now the judge saw Evan was lying and informed him he was stalking me and if he kept it up he would go to jail. Then she through him and the case out of court. (please see documents below)

evan and my case dissmesed

Now as you can see by the documentation Evan will make up any thing to mess with some one. and I am only one of Many. there is 100’s of victim’s all over America.

Now Evan keeps stating I was arrested in Tombstone. and was charged . now there is one very easy way to tell he is lying you can call and see for you’re self the number is.  (520)457-3781)

you will see I have never been to court in Tombstone or Az in my life.

Now we have sent a document to the judge in Evan’s county showing that he not only violated a protective order  , as you can clearly see above  on the documents. but he went against the same judge in his county’s order.

Now we will keep you posted on it as this is . due to I will be doing a by phone hearing with the same judge that informed Mr Jensen to leave me alone. and trust me my state is pushing for 90 days in Jail,

I will keep every one posted on what takes place.





5 thoughts on “Evan lee Jensen, and the true documents.

    1. That document was when the judge stated Evan was the one stalking me and ordered him to leave me alone. If you contact the court house and give the document number you can get the whole Court transcript where the judge straight up says he did nothing but stalked and harassed others.
      If you need me to get it for you would be happy to do so


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