Evan Jensen cons the paranormal field with missing daughter story.

Evan 12

last week we have heard of Evan Jensen known in the paranormal field as a lair. and a stalker.but what he has done this time is something unthinkable.

as if sending pron to children was not bad enough or kidnapping a woman out of a Safeway parking lot.

committing stolen valor. posing as working with the FBI.

This time he used his own step daughter to gain attention

on or about 04/07 2016  Evan posted that his step daughter was missing, so the paranormal field being the bleeding hearts help any one kind of people they are , all came together and put aside their heater for this man to help fiend his step daughter.


Now many people called the number that was given the 1st day this hit the web.only to find out that she was not at that time reported as missing.

now no one knows why Evan would think that no one would call being every one in the paranormal knows of his lies he post all the time, so it is only common scenes people would call.

It was only when people started calling him out that he ran down to the police department to cover his tracts and made a report.

Now this is where thing get interesting. Why would Evan mislead so many people? why would Evan mislead the police and file a false police report. knowing it will end him up in Jail!

now Evan in the police report # Case # 16-21035 Emilee May Jensen, DOB 10/22/95

states that there was a raid and that his daughter fled the police. now I have said this from the start. due to I had reached out to a friend of mine that works with the Seattle FBI.

Now Evan is looking at some time in jail over this. this is a fact.

I had talked to the officer who took the missing person report, officer Gleeson.

and it is fact that at this time Evan is under investigation. with his step daughters missing persons case as a suspect.

one thing is for sure that Evan Jensen lied not only to the people in the paranormal but to the police as well.

his step daughter is missing, and Evan is the number one suspect in her missing persons case.

Evan filed a missing persons case on her only after people started calling him out on it.

Evan played and coned the people in the field of the paranormal. just to get attention

I will post more as the info comes in. due to Evan is looking at some real jail time over this one.

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