The down fall of Evan Lee jensen .

evan lee jensen photo
Evan jensen

For many years now A man by the name of Evan Lee Jensen has been stalking and harassing the paranormal Field.

to understand the magnitude of the situation, one must first Understand the mental mind set of the individual themselves.

Evan Lee Jensen was born on 5/08/1966 he was the youngest boy of a poor family, who’s father was extremely racist. and agents the government with no respect for the law.

As people fought for the civil rights of same -sex marriage. Evan lee jensen and his father took to the streets in protest.

Even  making a home made banner out of what looks to be marker, tape and scrap wood on the family van.

evan and his dad

with his father being a member of the KKK , and a womanizer Evan was raised to hate anyone that was not white or or did not believe the way he did. he as well saw woman as nothing more the lower form of people. an object to serve man.

This would make sense being Evan has spent time in prison  for kidnapping a woman out of a Safeway parking lot at knife point.

omg evan

Evan Lee Jensen’s mental state of mind places into a lot of what we have been seeing going on the trash blog sight he has, Where he has stalked and harassed others for years posting lies, making things up, Evan going after peoples children.

At one point he had sent porn to some of the people he had been stalking under-aged  children.

His auctions have now landed him in hot water due to he has gone as far as to call peoples work and lie about that person or their collage.

Witch has now become a few law suits. on going and some being filed as we speak. but what he pulled just recently will show just how sick Evan lee jensen truly is. when he would take to the net stating his step daughter was kidnapped and missing.


Now many people called the number given by Evan due to lets face no one truly believes a word that comes out of his mouth. and every one got the same thing. there was no record of her missing. now when people started calling him out he ran down to the police and filed a police report. stating there was a major drug raid his daughter was in and she fled from the police. now this is on the police report, Case # 16-21035 Emilee May Jensen, DOB is 10/22/95.

now this was recorded on 4/15/2016.7 days after he claimed she was missing. now when people called him out on his daughter running from the police. Evan stated this

now Evan had gotten a call from his set daughter the day he filed the missing persons report. only hours before he went to report he missing.

knowing she was okay he still went to file a false police report just to get attention.

when the officer that took the report he had asked Evan for his step daughters number Evan refused to give it to him. the officer tried to contact Evan 10 times according to the officer. but Evan would not cooperate.

Today we are in contact with the police and the DA’s office as well as the news to keep every one updated.

the thing is if she is truly missing why is Evan not doing what ever he can to help fiend her.

why is he out running around having fun with his wife as he states in one of his blogs.

where is his set daughter?

the thing is Evan coned every one in the paranormal field. as well as the police.

this man is sick and needs help/

on a good note he is done in the paranormal field. no one will buy into his shit again.






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