Evan Lee jensen facing prison time.

evan lee jensen photo
Evan jensen

As we have all see for many years now a man by the name of Evan lee jensen has been well know to stalk and harass woman on line.

but Evans past speaks for it’s self In high school he had attempted to rap his prom date a family friend that his mom had talked in to going to prom with him due to he had no one to go with.

but this was just the start of Evan’s rain of terror in his early years after he had gotten out of school his father and him would attack the gay community in what I can only only describe as ultimately disgusting.

evan and his dad

This just make us here at this blog sight sick . what kind of person does this????

As we did some more digging into Evan’s family background  we came to fiend that his father was a full member of the KKK.

Evan as well beat his brother who had a heart problem only weeks before his brother passed away. Evan would end up in court for domestic violence.

after his brother passed Evan took his brothers ID in a attempt to Chang his identity.and avoid the courts. this did NOT work….

This would show Evan mental mentality. and the way he treats woman. as well as it plays a big part in the kidnapping of the woman out of the safe way parking lot. he did 3 of 10 years in prison over the kidnapping.

omg evan

now Evan had some how found his way into the paranormal where he would rain horror on the whole paranormal field as he made up things on people in an attempt to gain attention

he soon begin stalking the woman of the paranormal field to the point of when a woman would block him he would send porn to their children.

Now Evan began stalking a woman by the name of Cindi  to the point he called her job and harassed them. now the woman filed suit on Evan and when the judge saw just how long he has been stalking and harassing woman and others on line. she upped the charges on him

Evan has many warrants out for his arrest as well as retaining orders that will come into play on the court case cumming up on him in WV,( please see the documents below )

pertective order agenst evan

warrent on evanrestaning orderand this is only some of them.

Now we will keep every up up to date on the case ageist Evan in WV as we get more info on it.


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