Evan lee jensen a pedophile in the field of the paranormal.

evan lee jensen photo
Evan jensen

For most the word pedophile is something one would hear on the 5 pm news. they never think that the man stalking their children lives in the apartment right next door or across the street.

For one woman this horror became all to real when a man by the name of Evan lee jensen had taken a liking to her.

to the point of siting out side of her window late at knight watching as she disrobed.

As she found out she had called the police. this led her to filed a restraining order on Evan.

something with in him snapped, and only days latter as the woman’s son played in the yard Evan kidnapped him and took him to California.

Evan was found by the police and the child was returned to him mother.

But this is not where the horror would end for this young mother.

as she was at a Safeway getting food for her family Evan kidnapped her at knife point. thank god 2 bystanders steeped in and detained him till the police got there.

Evan was put in prison for 10 years where he did 3 of the 10.

omg evan

he was released in 2000 and placed on prole for the remainder till 2007. It was 2012 when he has slithered his way into the paranormal field after a woman that did paranormal caught his eye.

he began to stalk he on line to the point of sending her child porn. once she contacted the police. and the word got out the paranormal field turned on Evan .

he retaliated and started sending other peoples children porn as well.

As soon as people started calling him out he made a blog sight by the name of the paranormal Herald. and be on the edge of reality. to make up lies and slander any one that would bring his past to light,

There are many other blogs up about Evan lee Jensen. and most of the documents can be found on line.

Now as we dug deeper into his past we had found that this was not the only woman he had stalked on line. that indeed there are over 100 victims.you will see some of the restringing orders and warrants-placed out on Evan lee Jensenrestaing order i have agent evan

restaning order

restaning 03

please see where it clearly states no contact. but yet Evan lee jensen would not even obeyed by what a judge placed on him.

pertective order agenst evan

warrent on evan

Now Evan has been well known to lie and tell people that this is not him or they are not real..

But most of the paranormal field has now come to know that they are indeed real and that all Evan does is lie.

to the point that no one will have him anywhere near their paranormal team and most can not stand him.

Today there is another woman in WV that at this time is suing for stalking and slander .

Evan went to the point to where he photo shopped fake breast on a photo of her and blasted it all over the net.

this is a very sick man, one must ask in the time when the paranormal field is under the looking glass so to speak. and teams are going into peoples homes where children live.

it is time to stand up and bring the truth of this convicted kidnapper and child pedophile to people attention so that he never is able to kidnap again nor harm a child.

it is up to the paranormal field to get the word out and bring the documents to light.

there is so much on Evan lee jensen that every time we turn around people are sending more things to us.

we will keep every one up dated on things as well get info in.

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