Evan lee Jensen the full documents of his kidnaping.

evan and his dad

for as long as anyone can remember in the last 5 years Evan Jensen has been stalking the woman of the paranormal.

It was last year that we began digging deep into his history.of just who Evan lee jensen truly is.

and came across a prison term he had served below are the true documents from the court case with the court case number on it.

evan Kidnappingcourtcase1

evan Kidnappingcourtcase2

omg evan

now when we posted this Evan started stating it was not his. we have shown with the evidences it is indeed Evan lee jensen.

as we found out more on the case witch anyone can do simply by contacting the state of Oregon and given the case number.

we had found that this was not Evan’s only kidnapping . he had kidnapped an 8 year old boy from the child own yard of a woman he had been stalking.

Now as if this is not bad enough he as well is a child pedophile.

evan ped 02

Evan admits that he does do child porn but the claims it is not illegal if he blacks the child face out.

now Evan lies about anyone that will bring the truth to light.

evan stating he lies images.jpg

now this was to woman by the name of Leslie after she called him out and showed prof that he had committed stolen valor.

now this woman had become so under fire for bring the truth to light about him stating he was a Navy Seal when the documents show he never was.

evan stating he his a navy seal

evan amiting he not a seal

Now he has as well claimed to work for the Fed.evan saing he is a fed agent

Now he  has even mad up demons so that he can get attention

evan white eyed

due to Evans stalking on line he has had many restraining  orders placed on him as well as warren’s out for his arrest.

restaning order

pertective order agenst evan

warrent on evan

now he does have a few new ones out on him out of WV. we will be posting them as we get them in.

i am posting screen shots we have gotten over the years as well as links that will lead you to even more of who Evan lee Jensen truly is.

A convicted kidnapper and child pedophile. and man that lies about every one and anything.

a man that sends porn to children of the woman he is stalking on line.

Ask you’re self would you want this man around you’re family?

would you want this man in you’re home doing a paranormal investigation?

please look over all the documents. go to the links and see what others are saying .

see how so many in the paranormal and on line have come together to stop him from harming another child.

from kidnapping another woman he stalks on line.

evan blocking the truth 02

devil evan

evan and judi

please fill free to go to the links  they have much more on just who Evan truly is.



if you google his name you can fiend so much more on this person. this person is not safe to have on the streets.

please check into people before you talk to them on line. we will keep bringing you up dates as we get them in there are just so many we have a hard time keeping up.



One thought on “Evan lee Jensen the full documents of his kidnaping.

  1. Just for some info, I think you misread the email between Rick Rowe and Jensen. It was Rick Rowe who stated he could blur out the faces of children not Jensen. :/ it shows in the email it was Rowe.


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