Evan Lee Jensen, Child pedphile.

evan lee jensen for new paper

For many people the word child pedophile sends a chill up their very spine. and it should,

For there is nothing more sick then a man that stalks children and woman on line. We have come to know one thing Evan lee Jensen is indeed a child pedophile. he uses a blog sight to by the name of paranormal herald to stock woman and children.

we will post some of the e- mail we have gotten from the very parents of these children.We will not post it all due to harmful nature and the magnitude of the situation.

now one must understand that a pedophile can not be cured. i have placed the facts on just what a pedophile is below.


Recidivism Rates For ‘Rehabilitated’ Sex Offenders Show Treatment Programs Fail:

Most of us cannot think of a greater sin than hurting a child and when the offense is a sex crime, well, we often feel even greater anger, if that’s possible, against the perpetrator. It is terrifying to learn, then, that treatment programs do not rehabilitate sexual offenders before they are released from prison. So says Dr. David K. Ho, consultant forensic psychiatrist,

“People should know that the treatments offenders receive in prisons and secure hospitals lack evidence of efficacy,”

Are we ready to heed his warning? While Ho, whose credentials suggest he certainly knows his subject matter, speaks convincingly, so we citizens most likely will flounder in the muddy waters of confusion as those sexual offenders, who have been captured, eventually reappear in the community where they live among innocents once again.

Treatment programs do not rehabilitate sexual offenders before they are released from prison, says Dr. David K. Ho.

Mental Disorder

Typically, we think of sex crimes as including rape, child sex abuse, sexual assault, female genital mutilation, incest, and the, in most people’s minds, lesser crimes of exhibitionism and prostitution. Yet, sexual offending, says Ho, “consists of a heterogeneous group of acts, which may not include but are likely to include at least some elements of paraphilia,” defined as mental disorders of sexual preference, such as pedophilia, voyeurism, fetishism, exhibitionism, frotteurism (rubbing up against a non-consenting person), sadomasochism, sexual sadism, sexual masochism, and disorders not otherwise specified.

Now we know that Evan lee jensen is indeed being seen by a psychiatrist for this as well as many other mental disorders. at a place by his home of 2406 Harrison street apartment 9.

But what took us back is that Evan is dressing up as clown and trying to do children party’s.

evan clown 01

please see photo of Evan dressed up like that of some twisted  John Wayne Gacy, who as well used the clown thing to lure his victims in.


and we all know how that ended.

now he as well posed at a priest to lure family’s and their children in to his pedophile ways.

Evan 12

okay 1st off if a priest comes to you’re home looking like this for the love of god call the police……..

now on to the good part the part where state he did not send a box of sex toys to children.

now mind you his DNA is all over it and he was dumb enough to put  his name and return address on the box……. now he posted that carol did it and indeed the mother of the child came foreword. and sent this.


Wow never seems to amaze me.

First of all you sent nothing to my son Carol. Second Evan sent the sex toys to my daughter who had just turned barely 18. He bragged about the box of gifts. Because she had just turned 18.

now we did have to cut out a lot of it due to i would not want to put this family through any more then what they are going through now.

now he as well sent some photos by e-mail in witch we can not and will not post on line due to they are indeed child graphic. it shows a grown man holding a child down well you get the pitcher.

now mind you Evan lee jensen did 3 of 10 years in prison and lied about it to every one. evan after we posted the documents he still lied about it.

evan Kidnappingcourtcase2

evan Kidnappingcourtcase1

omg evan

now he as well had sent this to another person showing he lies all the time.

evan stating he lies images

he even lied about his dad being dead. then took a photo with his dad the next week. maybe he forgot he said it. who knows.

evan lying about his dad being dead

evans dad

evan and his dad

why the hell would some one who knows they are being watched and followed even try something like this. when they know they will be cough.

now you may think that this is where the story ends but hold on it only gets better.

now Evan who lives off his x G.F in the apartment her and her boy friend live in.

evans dad

note his x G.F and her boy friend standing behind her. any way her Boy friend got arrested due to he deals drugs.

now this came from the next door neighbor.

Granny White Hay am up… what’s with that at 2 a.m. hmmm
now the good news is Evan is being hit with federal charges. and it is not something he can hide from he will be put back in prison. this is a good thing .
it gets a child pedophile off the streets.
we will keep you updated as we get more info in.




Evan Lee jensen the down fall!!!!!!

evan and his dad

For as long as any one can remember A man by the name of Evan Lee jensen has been reaping horror on the paranormal field. from the time he had gotten off probation. after serving 3 of 10 years for kidnapping a woman he had been stalking.

In 2002 he began to troll the net for children. and in 2005 he found his way into the paranormal field.

where he began to stalk the woman of the paranormal.  Any woman the blocks him or wants nothing to do with he begins to harass  and stalk.

In some cases it was so bad that Evan sent a box of sex toys to an 8 year old by mail. and porn to a 16 year old by e- mail. it would seem that his lust for young children would amp up in the years to come.

and in 2015 the police would confiscated all his electronics due to child porn.

we will not give the names due to it is under investigation. and to protect the victims and their family’s.

now Evan is best know in the field of the paranormal as a lair. and you will see by his own words how his lies just keep going on and on.

now Evan had got mad when i posted the photo of him and his dad gay bashing.

so he posted this evan lying about his dad being dead

now on memorial day 2016 just a few days ago we had gotten this photo sent to us.showing that his dad is not dead……..

evans dad

now how can he be dead and yet be in this photo taking 5/30/2016?????

now you will see the other lies Evan has told over the years and the documented prof for you’re self.

now he has calmed a lot of things. and we will take it step by step.

evan stating he lies images

now as you can see he him self states he can lie and people will believe anything he will say. well MR. jensen i do not think that will be the case after this blog goes out.

evan white eyed

here he admits to lying about a made up demon case.

evan saing he is a fed agent

her he states he works for the FEDS. okay even this one was over the top even for him.

as people that do time in prison can not work with the FED’s

omg evan

and my favorite is the one where he claimed to be a Navy Seal.

evan navy seal

now this one was the one that most people took note over with a woman by the name of Leslie pulled his dd214.





now only after he was found to be lying did he come clean

evan amiting he not a seal

Now he is still trying to lie about his time in prison for kidnapping a woman he had been stalking.

evan Kidnappingcourtcase2

evan Kidnappingcourtcase1

omg evan

yes this is truly him. yes he did kidnap a woman he was stalking out of a Safeway parking lot at knife point.

now for the most sick thing he has done yet. in 2015 he had been on the net on Face book and other sights befriending people just to get close to their children. once he did he would send the peoples children boxes of sex toys or porn over e-mail.

he is indeed a child pedophile.

now he as well once called out have people he knows call into a show he is dong and act like they are the person he is slandering.

evan and judi
In Evans on words how he lies to set people up with the help of Judi

please understand all the facts are here for you. this is a very dangers man. please pass this blog along the next child you save could be you’re own.

let put a stop to this if we are not going to protect one another in the paranormal we need to at least protect the children…

Evan Lee Jensen Stolen valor !!!!!

evan stating he his a navy seal

It is never sadder then a man that will commit stolen valor. a person that degrades the true heroes of this great country, men and woman that have given their very life’s for our freedom.

Evan Jensen had claimed to have served in the Navy seals to gain money and attentions.

it was with a woman by the name of Leslie that brought forth the truth about this so called man. and pulled Evan Lee Jensen own DD214.





now after he was called out he had no chose but to state that he lied about it

evan amiting he not a seal

now the saddest thing of all is this low life’s co host placed a post stating about how we need to respect the men and woman of the military. but yet she will support a man that commits stolen valor. and she knows that Evan is facing federal charges. and avoiding law enforcement.

One would ask why would a mother knowingly place her child in arms way of a known child pedophile.

why would she put her child in arms way of a convicted kidnapper. and if a good friend of hers served in the military and die. why the hell would she back a know and documented stolen valor.