Evan Jensen threatened the police.

evan trerating to soot the cops

Now we all know the well know convicted kidnapper Evan lee Jensen. and how he bullies,stalks and harasses people,

this time it would seem as if his own police department is indeed in the line of fire.

Now this came about when Judi had gotten some photos off the Face book page of Evans after he has stated he was going to shoot people. please see the photos that Evan him self posted on this Face book time line.

evan  millitery gun

evan milltery gun 02

Now being a convicted felon he is not to have and gun in his possession. or even hold guns. so for him to post this was a violation of the law.

so yes we called the police. and informed then about this 1- being he can not even hold a gun. and 2- this kind of gun is not legal in America.

the police stormed his house as they should have. being what has been going on with our men in blue being gunned down lately, by just this kind of gun.

Evan then as we all know he does lied to the police. and said that Carol and Judi Photoshop the photo.

but the police know it was indeed the real thing. thanks to Darlene who found the photo on his wall with the info on it to show it is a real photo.

oregenal gun photo

Now Evan after finding out this is indeed going to the DA’s to be prosecuted. FLIPPED out. made at now the police.

evan trerating to take dow the police

evan police

now the thing is Evan is now looking at going back to prison. and yes there is a case number. and we will release that as soon as we can.

now why you may ask did Evan go on this fit? you must understand for Evan this could land him right back in prison. So as Evan all ways does he has to have some one to blame. this time it just happens to be the police……

Evan has never taken responsibility for anything in his life that he has done wrong.I have said it for years now his Ego will land him right back in prison someday. and sure enough it looks like it will.

One would ask why would Evan do something like this when he knows there are 50 plus victims watching his every move. waiting for him to do something agents the Law.

what he just does not understand is there are many of his victims ready to stand united and see justice be done. now just one but 50 plus……

we will be keeping every one posted. on this as new info comes in.

Evan Jensen facing jail time over illegal guns.

evan  millitery gun

evan milltery gun 02

Well there is nothing sadder then a convicted kidnapper holding a military assault rifle, in a room full of people. It would seem that MR.Evan lee jensen has indeed this time gotten himself into something he can not get out of.

Evan Jensen is best known in the paranormal field as the paranormal pedophile, After he had sent porn to under-aged children.

Evan jensen is a convicted felon. who did 3 or 10 years in prison. for kidnapping a woman out of a Safeway parking lot.

omg evan

and according to the ORS 166.270

Possession of weapons by certain felons,

(1) Any person who has been convicted of a felony under the law of this state or any other state, or who has been convicted of a felony under the laws of the Government of the United States, who owns or has in the persons possession or under the persons custody or control any firearm commits the crime of felon in possession of a firearm.

Felon in possession of a firearm is a Class C felony. Felon in possession of a restricted weapon is a Class A misdemeanor. [Amended by 1975 c.702 §1; 1985 c.543 §4; 1985 c.709 §2; 1987 c.853 §1; 1989 c.839 §4; 1993 c.735 §2; 1995 c.518 §1; 1999 c.1040 §16; 2003 c.14 §64; 2009 c.189 §1; 2009 c.499 §3]

now one would ask why would this man would have a gun , any gun knowing he is a felon? and will do time over this.

well I have said it many times. His EGO gets in his way of logical thinking. he thinks he is above the law.

but truth is he is not. and after my self and many others sent the photos to home land security as well as the police. well lets just say it does not look good for him.

Evan has told many people he would shot them. and his side kick Jan is no better.she as well has an illegal fire arm. and I will post the screen shots here for you.

evan talking about his guns 01

evan trerating to soot the cops

Now you have got to be be as dumb as hell to state this about the police…. we all know the police do not think things like this funny at all. and why should they?

Now for his side kick who is a real piece of work….. this is a almost 60 year old woman who mind you is still being looked at for her wife’s death. meet Jan….


now the think with Jan is she was married to Jean for only a few months. when on day she had been partying, her wife lay on the floor gasping for air. Jan covered her up and call her x to come help clean up the drugs before they called 911.

Jean lost her life that night. all due to Jan did not want to get in trouble for the drugs and legal fire arm.

JAN gun

now this woman as well admits to the fact she knows the gun is not legal……

now not much more is know due to the police are still looking into it. but this is a almost 60 year old woman that threatened a disable woman. and stole money from her. as well as stole her belongings……

now one would ask why a almost 60 year old woman would want someones things? or why she would have a illegal gun to start with…..

the question I have is could this be one of the stolen guns Evan sold?

thing is Evan will be going back to prison. we will keep every one posted.








Evan lee Jensen and Jan Reynolds team up.

evan and his dad


One may ask why a gay woman, would team up with a well know gay brasher, convicted kidnapper, and known child pedophile.

1st  on must get to know just who Jan truly is. A cold hearted want to be in the paranormal. who has never been on any investigation. and over night has become a empath.

now bear with me and you will see just how sick this woman truly is. the story started on when a woman by the name of Jean Buckland who was Jan wife of only a few months lie on the floor taking her last gasp of air.  at a trailer Jan and her X owned. at 136 Holly street Quarry hills estates.

As Jan sits doing drugs she notes that Jean was gaping for air. dyeing right in-front of her eyes. so Jan simply covered her up with a blanket. and left her to die.

now Jan did not call 911 but instead called her x Cherie Maleno to help clean up the drugs so she would not get in trouble.

jan's x

Now ask you’re self why would someone let their wife just die and never even call 911 but have their x call ?

then refused to have a funereal so Jean’s family could say goodby to their loved one.

the thing is Jan and Cherie had been still seeing one another and at on point Cherie told Judi who was living with her at the time that it ( should have been her wedding, Jan should have been her wife,

now when Judi started questing just what took place Jan Reynolds drove to Cherie’s where Judi was living and walked into Judi’s room threatening her. soon  they both unleashed a would of hell on Judi.

even trying to lock her out of the place she payed rent at. Judi did decide to move for her own safety after a officer who was on scene the night Jan’s wife died told her she was not safe around Jan and Cherie.

Jan and Cherie not only took her money but keep all her things. to day Judi is still trying to get them back.

Inter Scott now when Scott began to question just what happened to Jan’s wife . Jan threatened to kill him with an illegal gun she has.

JAN gun

as you can clearly see Jan states she is going to shoot Scott with a 38, now mind you this is a woman ( if you can call her that) that every one thinks she killed her wife… hummmmm.

we have found out that her x brother-in law is now suing Jan and the police are still looking into it.

we have been keeping a close eye on Evan and Jan. and do now know that Evan has been evicted from his low income apartment due to his felony and stalking of people, he is now living where ever he can.

we will keep every one up dated as more on this and the Jan story comes out.