Kelly Griffin,he true horror of the DUI that kills one man.

For most of us as the holiday season approaches. We get ready to spend the time with our loved ones.

But for one family that will never happen.

We all know the dangers of drinking and driving. And how in a blink of an eye life’s can be lost.

For one young man, that night would come when Kelly Ann Griffin  editor of the Paranormal Herald,

Was out drinking when she mad the consciousdecision. To get behind the wheel of the car.

Only a few miles from home Kelly passed out from being drunk and hit a tree head killing the young man in the passenger seat of the car.

Kelly was arrested at the hospital and one family nightmare would come to light.

They would never again be able to hold their loved one again.

A young man would never be able to go to collage. Never be able to have a family, never be able to to sit at another Thanksgiving dinner.

All due to one woman’s durnk and drug filled mistake.

Now for you that do not know Kelly she as well lost her kids due to drug use. And spent time in prison for arson.

We offten friend people on the net via Facebook, Twitter etc but do not know truly who they are.

For most like Kelly it is a way to lie to people making up who she truly is

The thing is that in today’s world the people out there that drink in drive destroy lives.

As Kelly goes she does not any remorse whatsoever for taking this young man’s life.

We need to stand united and stop people like this from being in the Paranormal field.

The next life she takes could be you’re’s or one of you’re team mates.

Today there is a lot of family teams out there and in a dark reality is the next victim’s could be you’re own child.

For the young man’s who’s life was lost we will keep inour thought’s


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