Evan Lee jensen con the Paranormal with fake sister in-law cancer go found me.

evan stating he lies images

As we all know evan is well know for being a lier.

He evan lied about his own daughter being kidnapped. When in the police looked into it it was brought to light.that she was a striper that had been caught up in a drug raid.

omg evan



Or when he stated he was a Navy seal.

Well as every one knows evan Lee jensen is a child pedophile and convicted kidnapper who did 10 years in prison.

Now evan can not get a job so now he is doing fake go found me to get money

It is being watched by the police .and ate well aware of it.

This is a great thing being what he is doing is a felony.

And with all the trouble he has been in it will send him back to jail.

Now one must ask why would someone try to raise money just to go ghost hunting.

It is sad that people have nothing in life better to do then chase things that are not real.

One must ask why how sick does a person have to be to con people just to go ghost hunting.

Or make up.things just to be someone in a field that is not real.

Most understand with evan he raped children and with his back ground he can not get a job.

So he sets up go found me with fake things.

The best thing people can do is not give any money to a go found me that is set up by other people that are not the one the money is going to.

This woman is not only not his sister in law but does. Not have Cancer.

If you read the hospital documents. You will see it is not Cancer.

This is just one more lie put out by a child rapest to again an income.

Being he can not get a job.

We all know how that evan lies.