Kelly Griffin helps evan Lee jensen stalk children.

fat real kelly

Kelly Griffin, girlfriend of evan Lee Jensen,

As we all know evan jensen is a well known child pedophile and rapest.

But what some may not k ow is his long time girlfriend kelky.Griffin has been helping him reach out to children that evan likes.

One would ask what kind of sick woman would help a man stalk.children  for a known child pedophile.

Some women are just sick, they have been using the Paranormal field to fiend children of Paranormal investigator for this sick child pedophile to stalk.and kudnape.

Evan has done time in prison for kidnapping.

evan lee jensen for new paper

Now one would ask why a woman ,most of all a mother and grand mother would help a man she is in love with hunt children to rap.

For most of society this just makes us sick.

And truth is this author of this blog hipes that one of the parents gets ahold of them before the police do.due to there is no use for a child rapest and his girlfriend to be out on the streets.

We always tell people that they need to do a full back ground on anyone they come to fiend o. The net .most of all people in the Paranormal field.

You never know who you are talking to on the other side of the key board

Evan Lee jensen raped his own step daughter for years.and today he is stalking the Paranormal field in surch for his next victim’s.

He has evan make be a priest to try to gain people’s trust

Evan 12
Evan in a good will shirt and a plastic rosary from the dollar store.clames to be a priest.

This  message is to keep you safe .please if you come across these people stay as far away as you can.

Remember the next child you save could be you’re own.


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