Warning,evan Lee jensen back on the net.

Evan dressing in clown out fits to go to children party

There is something to be said about a grown man who stalks children.

Evan Lee jensen is a convicted kidnapper and child pedophile. Who did time in Oregon state prison.


evan stating he lies images

Now for most there is nothing more sick the a man that rapes children. Most of all his own step daughter.

Now as you will see this sick child pedophile not only bost about what he does but when the parent of a child he sent the sex toys to confront him he openly States that he can lie all he wants and people will believe him.

This mother was protecting her child from a child pedophile and was attacked for being a good mother.

It is a proven fact that a child pedophile can not be rehabilitation.

That is a mental illness where the man does not believe that there is anything wrong with being a child pedophile.

It is with this that the ones in society must get the word out and stop these kinds of people from going after children.

Now evan is known for hanging around school and Parks in surch for his next victim’s.

And offten is seen in a white minivan. Stalking his pray.

But with the world wide Web it has made it much easier for child pedophile and convicted kidnapper to stalk their pray.

Offten hiding behind a keyboard.and telling people they are someone other.



Evan 12
Evan in a good will shirt and a plastic rosary from the dollar store.clames to be a priest.
warrent on evan
Active warrent

He at one time was telling people he was a priest. To get their trust where he would then start stalking not only woman but children.

Now this is where Evans story gets truly scary.

Evens girlfriend Kelly Ann Griffin. Has helped him in his child pedophile surch for children on line.

kelly g evan
Kelly Ann GriffinGriffin

She has even offered her young grandchildren to evan is her sick twisted way of keeping evan close to her.

As many already know Kelly Griffin. Did time in prison when she burnt down a guys house.that did not want to be with her due to her being fat.,

Now she as well killed a young man due to a DUI.

And to this day she has a bad drug and alcohol problem.

She had her children taken due to abuse.

Now evan has warrents out on him.and he has been hiding out.

It is not are intent to do anything more then to bring you the facts.

We invite you to look up the document for you’re self.

Call the court house on the court document and give the case number.

We hope buy posting this that we can stop the rap and kidnappings of the next victim’s.

That this sick man and his girlfriend. Will have the info out there so that people when they Google their name  will be able to protect them selfs and their children.

We are only here to post the facts.

Please Google his name, evan Lee jensen.and look up the many people that have posted on them .

You.will see the post of the parents of the children.

Hear 1st hand how this child pedophile. Stalked the children.

How one sick man sent sex toys to a woman’s child.

How a mentally unstable woman is helping this sick child pedophile look for his next victim’s.

We only ask that you do you surch on evan Lee jensen for you’re self.

Let work together and keep America children safe.




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