Kelly Ann Griffin, is linkto well know child pedophile evan Lee jensen,


fat real kelly
Kelly Griffin, girlfriend of known child pedophile evan jensen
evan milltery gun 02
Evan with gun
evan stating he lies images
Evan stating he can lie and people will believe him
kelly g evan
Kelly Ann Griffin


For some time now we have been keeping a close eye on mr.Jensen,

A known child pedophile and convicted kidnapper.

For most ,they could not imagine a woman ,most of all a mother, and a grand mother teaming up with a man know as a child pedophile.

But this mother went one step beon just supporting him.

She had added in stalking and harassing his victim’s.

And truth is once we contacted the day care where she was going to.well let’s just say she was not happy about it.

The thing is we all should be protect our children of America.

And well criminal’s do not like it when you call them out.

Kelly has had a long history of braking the law.from arson to DUI’s

And even drug use. Kelly has always found her self in the wrong side if the law.

Now we are indeed death investigators. Certified, and hold our credentials.

Now I.wish I could tell you that Kelly broke away from helping evan but truth is she did not.

We hope that this blog will help anyone that has children to keep them safe.

We are going to post only the document so that you can have them for you’re self.

Please always know who you have around you’re family. You never know when that nabors or the person you talk to is working with a child pedophile and convicted kidnapper. It is up to you  to keep you’re children safe.


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