Kelly Griffin’ daughter Laurenr and prostitute. Kelly States it’s a job.


Most of us would never never want our child to be a striper, let alone a prostitute.

But one mother not only pride’s herself on it but pimps her own daughter out.

She helps her men and yep you got it she does it all for getting drugs.

Kelky Griffin, the same woman who is known to be the very one helping evan jensen stalking children on line.for his own sick child pedophile life style.


Now Kelly is the girlfriend of the well know evan Lee jensen who did 3 years of a 10 year prison for kidnapping.

Now as you see by the photos Kelly’s daughter is indeed a party girl. Hanging with men that well let’s just say needs to put some more clothing on.



Now one would ask why a mother of 2 boys would be out partying when she has children at home.

And why has DSS not been called.?

Now please do not get me wrong I am not agenst stripers. Some are just trying to make it in this crazy world.

But I am agenst woman that put partying above their children.

And prostitution, is indeed agenst the law.

As Lauren Harding found out. As she was arrested for it in 2013. As well a drugs.

It never seems to surprise us just what people that know evan jensen are all about and in this case it would seem that Kelly has not only helped a child pedophile surch for children on line but help her own daughter. Fall in to a life the truth is not good.

We are in great Hope’s that Kelly and her daughter get as far away from evan jensen as possible.

We have see many times just how evan can destroy others life’s.

And truth is for Kelly a mother and grandmother

Has put chasing ghost a head of her own family.

Why would a mother live in a world where she would put her on family in danger?

As you can see  kelly has quit a history .she has spent time in a mental health Hospital. Due to seeing and hearing g things that are not there.

As well as time in prison for arson.

Now we have jeeped a close eye on evan and his band of dumb asses.for some time now and he has gone after many people

From Rayan Bull, chip coffee, Jason and Grant from ghost hunters,

And so many other’s.

Now Kelly States  that she does not have anything to do with evan jensen but the screen shot will show the true story.


Now the screen shot sent was from a woman by the name of Carol malone who if you see evan and Kelly have stalked and harassed for over 5 years.

Posting lies and slander.

So we have found it to be best just to post and show everyone just what a lier kelky truly is.


As everyone can see just as much of a lier as evan Lee jensen

And truth is she would rather chase Casper then be a mother and grandmother.

We truly hope that her family can get her the help she needs and that  she can be the mother and grandmother her family needs.

But truth is she is so in love with e an that she would do anything g for him even ofer her own grandchild to him.

Even knowing he is a child pedophile.

It is time to make sure people like this are not allowed in people’s homes.that the Paranormal field stopes people like Kelly and evan from bei g a part of a field that goes into people’s homes where children are.


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