Kelly Griffin’ daughter Laurenr and prostitute. Kelly States it’s a job.


Most of us would never never want our child to be a striper, let alone a prostitute.

But one mother not only pride’s herself on it but pimps her own daughter out.

She helps her men and yep you got it she does it all for getting drugs.

Kelky Griffin, the same woman who is known to be the very one helping evan jensen stalking children on line.for his own sick child pedophile life style.


Now Kelly is the girlfriend of the well know evan Lee jensen who did 3 years of a 10 year prison for kidnapping.

Now as you see by the photos Kelly’s daughter is indeed a party girl. Hanging with men that well let’s just say needs to put some more clothing on.



Now one would ask why a mother of 2 boys would be out partying when she has children at home.

And why has DSS not been called.?

Now please do not get me wrong I am not agenst stripers. Some are just trying to make it in this crazy world.

But I am agenst woman that put partying above their children.

And prostitution, is indeed agenst the law.

As Lauren Harding found out. As she was arrested for it in 2013. As well a drugs.

It never seems to surprise us just what people that know evan jensen are all about and in this case it would seem that Kelly has not only helped a child pedophile surch for children on line but help her own daughter. Fall in to a life the truth is not good.

We are in great Hope’s that Kelly and her daughter get as far away from evan jensen as possible.

We have see many times just how evan can destroy others life’s.

And truth is for Kelly a mother and grandmother

Has put chasing ghost a head of her own family.

Why would a mother live in a world where she would put her on family in danger?

As you can see  kelly has quit a history .she has spent time in a mental health Hospital. Due to seeing and hearing g things that are not there.

As well as time in prison for arson.

Now we have jeeped a close eye on evan and his band of dumb asses.for some time now and he has gone after many people

From Rayan Bull, chip coffee, Jason and Grant from ghost hunters,

And so many other’s.

Now Kelly States  that she does not have anything to do with evan jensen but the screen shot will show the true story.


Now the screen shot sent was from a woman by the name of Carol malone who if you see evan and Kelly have stalked and harassed for over 5 years.

Posting lies and slander.

So we have found it to be best just to post and show everyone just what a lier kelky truly is.


As everyone can see just as much of a lier as evan Lee jensen

And truth is she would rather chase Casper then be a mother and grandmother.

We truly hope that her family can get her the help she needs and that  she can be the mother and grandmother her family needs.

But truth is she is so in love with e an that she would do anything g for him even ofer her own grandchild to him.

Even knowing he is a child pedophile.

It is time to make sure people like this are not allowed in people’s homes.that the Paranormal field stopes people like Kelly and evan from bei g a part of a field that goes into people’s homes where children are.


Kelly Ann Griffin, is linkto well know child pedophile evan Lee jensen,


fat real kelly
Kelly Griffin, girlfriend of known child pedophile evan jensen
evan milltery gun 02
Evan with gun
evan stating he lies images
Evan stating he can lie and people will believe him
kelly g evan
Kelly Ann Griffin


For some time now we have been keeping a close eye on mr.Jensen,

A known child pedophile and convicted kidnapper.

For most ,they could not imagine a woman ,most of all a mother, and a grand mother teaming up with a man know as a child pedophile.

But this mother went one step beon just supporting him.

She had added in stalking and harassing his victim’s.

And truth is once we contacted the day care where she was going to.well let’s just say she was not happy about it.

The thing is we all should be protect our children of America.

And well criminal’s do not like it when you call them out.

Kelly has had a long history of braking the law.from arson to DUI’s

And even drug use. Kelly has always found her self in the wrong side if the law.

Now we are indeed death investigators. Certified, and hold our credentials.

Now I.wish I could tell you that Kelly broke away from helping evan but truth is she did not.

We hope that this blog will help anyone that has children to keep them safe.

We are going to post only the document so that you can have them for you’re self.

Please always know who you have around you’re family. You never know when that nabors or the person you talk to is working with a child pedophile and convicted kidnapper. It is up to you  to keep you’re children safe.


Warning,evan Lee jensen back on the net.

Evan dressing in clown out fits to go to children party

There is something to be said about a grown man who stalks children.

Evan Lee jensen is a convicted kidnapper and child pedophile. Who did time in Oregon state prison.


evan stating he lies images

Now for most there is nothing more sick the a man that rapes children. Most of all his own step daughter.

Now as you will see this sick child pedophile not only bost about what he does but when the parent of a child he sent the sex toys to confront him he openly States that he can lie all he wants and people will believe him.

This mother was protecting her child from a child pedophile and was attacked for being a good mother.

It is a proven fact that a child pedophile can not be rehabilitation.

That is a mental illness where the man does not believe that there is anything wrong with being a child pedophile.

It is with this that the ones in society must get the word out and stop these kinds of people from going after children.

Now evan is known for hanging around school and Parks in surch for his next victim’s.

And offten is seen in a white minivan. Stalking his pray.

But with the world wide Web it has made it much easier for child pedophile and convicted kidnapper to stalk their pray.

Offten hiding behind a keyboard.and telling people they are someone other.



Evan 12
Evan in a good will shirt and a plastic rosary from the dollar store.clames to be a priest.
warrent on evan
Active warrent

He at one time was telling people he was a priest. To get their trust where he would then start stalking not only woman but children.

Now this is where Evans story gets truly scary.

Evens girlfriend Kelly Ann Griffin. Has helped him in his child pedophile surch for children on line.

kelly g evan
Kelly Ann GriffinGriffin

She has even offered her young grandchildren to evan is her sick twisted way of keeping evan close to her.

As many already know Kelly Griffin. Did time in prison when she burnt down a guys house.that did not want to be with her due to her being fat.,

Now she as well killed a young man due to a DUI.

And to this day she has a bad drug and alcohol problem.

She had her children taken due to abuse.

Now evan has warrents out on him.and he has been hiding out.

It is not are intent to do anything more then to bring you the facts.

We invite you to look up the document for you’re self.

Call the court house on the court document and give the case number.

We hope buy posting this that we can stop the rap and kidnappings of the next victim’s.

That this sick man and his girlfriend. Will have the info out there so that people when they Google their name  will be able to protect them selfs and their children.

We are only here to post the facts.

Please Google his name, evan Lee jensen.and look up the many people that have posted on them .

You.will see the post of the parents of the children.

Hear 1st hand how this child pedophile. Stalked the children.

How one sick man sent sex toys to a woman’s child.

How a mentally unstable woman is helping this sick child pedophile look for his next victim’s.

We only ask that you do you surch on evan Lee jensen for you’re self.

Let work together and keep America children safe.




Kelly Griffin helps evan Lee jensen stalk children.

fat real kelly

Kelly Griffin, girlfriend of evan Lee Jensen,

As we all know evan jensen is a well known child pedophile and rapest.

But what some may not k ow is his long time girlfriend kelky.Griffin has been helping him reach out to children that evan likes.

One would ask what kind of sick woman would help a man stalk.children  for a known child pedophile.

Some women are just sick, they have been using the Paranormal field to fiend children of Paranormal investigator for this sick child pedophile to stalk.and kudnape.

Evan has done time in prison for kidnapping.

evan lee jensen for new paper

Now one would ask why a woman ,most of all a mother and grand mother would help a man she is in love with hunt children to rap.

For most of society this just makes us sick.

And truth is this author of this blog hipes that one of the parents gets ahold of them before the police do.due to there is no use for a child rapest and his girlfriend to be out on the streets.

We always tell people that they need to do a full back ground on anyone they come to fiend o. The net .most of all people in the Paranormal field.

You never know who you are talking to on the other side of the key board

Evan Lee jensen raped his own step daughter for years.and today he is stalking the Paranormal field in surch for his next victim’s.

He has evan make be a priest to try to gain people’s trust

Evan 12
Evan in a good will shirt and a plastic rosary from the dollar store.clames to be a priest.

This  message is to keep you safe .please if you come across these people stay as far away as you can.

Remember the next child you save could be you’re own.


Evan Lee jensen con the Paranormal with fake sister in-law cancer go found me.

evan stating he lies images

As we all know evan is well know for being a lier.

He evan lied about his own daughter being kidnapped. When in the police looked into it it was brought to light.that she was a striper that had been caught up in a drug raid.

omg evan



Or when he stated he was a Navy seal.

Well as every one knows evan Lee jensen is a child pedophile and convicted kidnapper who did 10 years in prison.

Now evan can not get a job so now he is doing fake go found me to get money

It is being watched by the police .and ate well aware of it.

This is a great thing being what he is doing is a felony.

And with all the trouble he has been in it will send him back to jail.

Now one must ask why would someone try to raise money just to go ghost hunting.

It is sad that people have nothing in life better to do then chase things that are not real.

One must ask why how sick does a person have to be to con people just to go ghost hunting.

Or make up.things just to be someone in a field that is not real.

Most understand with evan he raped children and with his back ground he can not get a job.

So he sets up go found me with fake things.

The best thing people can do is not give any money to a go found me that is set up by other people that are not the one the money is going to.

This woman is not only not his sister in law but does. Not have Cancer.

If you read the hospital documents. You will see it is not Cancer.

This is just one more lie put out by a child rapest to again an income.

Being he can not get a job.

We all know how that evan lies.





Kelly Griffin,he true horror of the DUI that kills one man.

For most of us as the holiday season approaches. We get ready to spend the time with our loved ones.

But for one family that will never happen.

We all know the dangers of drinking and driving. And how in a blink of an eye life’s can be lost.

For one young man, that night would come when Kelly Ann Griffin  editor of the Paranormal Herald,

Was out drinking when she mad the consciousdecision. To get behind the wheel of the car.

Only a few miles from home Kelly passed out from being drunk and hit a tree head killing the young man in the passenger seat of the car.

Kelly was arrested at the hospital and one family nightmare would come to light.

They would never again be able to hold their loved one again.

A young man would never be able to go to collage. Never be able to have a family, never be able to to sit at another Thanksgiving dinner.

All due to one woman’s durnk and drug filled mistake.

Now for you that do not know Kelly she as well lost her kids due to drug use. And spent time in prison for arson.

We offten friend people on the net via Facebook, Twitter etc but do not know truly who they are.

For most like Kelly it is a way to lie to people making up who she truly is

The thing is that in today’s world the people out there that drink in drive destroy lives.

As Kelly goes she does not any remorse whatsoever for taking this young man’s life.

We need to stand united and stop people like this from being in the Paranormal field.

The next life she takes could be you’re’s or one of you’re team mates.

Today there is a lot of family teams out there and in a dark reality is the next victim’s could be you’re own child.

For the young man’s who’s life was lost we will keep inour thought’s


Kelly Ann Griffin, kills man in DUI car crash.

We have all seen the mass lies of blogs this woman has done.

It came to light tonight that Kelly evan Jensen’s now drunk puppet, has more to hide then anyone thought.

Kelly one night why high on drugs and drunk got behind the will of her car and only moments later hit a tree due to passing out. Killing a young man is the passenger seat.

Kelly has always had a drinking and drug problem. To the point of she lost her kids when the state took them due to drugs.

We have indeed did a back ground check on this and came to fiend out that Kelly has many DUIs  and that she did do time for vehiculahomicide. The young man who due to Kelly’s drunk state lost his life.

Now kelky as well did time in prison for arson you can see the photo on this sight of the house she burnt down.

Thank God noone was home.

This took place due to the guys who’s house it was would not go out with her due to her being fat.

So Kelly burnt down his house.

Now everyone knows Kelly  for her lies. Her own family has turned their back on her.

You see a close sorce to Kelly told us that Kelly  spent most her life in and out of jail and hospitals due to mental illness.

They are trying to get her help but not even losing her children can make her stop drinking.

Now southern angles Paranormal ran by Kat had kicked jelly out due to she could not even do one investigation due to she was always drunK. If you Google Kelly Griffin Paranormal you will fiend the full story on the Kat angle sight.

Kelly just this year started dating evan Lee jensen a well known child pedophile and she offered her young daughter to evan to do what he would like. Thank God she does not have her kids. But her x and his wife have them.

This woman has become well known as the very person that is helping evan stock the net looking for kids.

We have confirmed with members of Kelly’s own family that they are trying to get her help and that she is indeed a danger to others.

We hope that her family can get her the help she needs. And that noone other will die due to her drug and alcohol use.

To the family that sin was killed due to kelkys drinking.we pray that you can fiend piece. It is hard to lose someone let alone a young man with a great life ahead of him due to a woman who put drinking g and drugs ahead of humen  life.

We ask people to please do you’re home work one people. Due to as we have seen with evan and Kelly you could be talking g to a murder or child pedophile.

Keep you live ones safe and do a surch on people.look at their policedocunents. Google their name.

Be safe out in the web world. You never know who you are truly talking to.

Kelly Ann Griffin G.F. cons the paranormal with fake go found me….


kelly g evan

For most this is the Kelly most people know but once again just another 50 year old woman using Photoshop to make her failed life look better. below is the real Kelly photo.

fat real kelly


evan lee jensen photo
Evan jensen


For most the paranormal field knows Kelly as the Girl friend of Evan lee jensen the well know paranormal child pedophile, and convicted kidnapper.

now it is a well known fact that Evan did 3 of 10 years in prison for kidnapping a woman he was stalking at knife point from a safe way parking lot.

omg evan

Now for years Evan has said this is not him but as always his lies came back to bight him in the ass. as today he stated it was his pass. ( please see below)evan stating he did it

now this as well shows a lie as you can see he said for 27 years he has been in no trouble??????

well here is just one of the warrants that is out for him right now.

warrent on evan

now there are as well many restringing orders

restaning order

pertective order agenst evan

now Evan has tooled Kelly and Jan that this is not true. but they both know it is.

now for a time i did not know that it was Kelly pulling the strings. but soon came to fiend that Kelly is off her rocker so to say. and i mean she is truly on medication. i can to fiend out through a family friend of Kelly that she is indeed Schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder.

she spent years in the hospital. till she came home . this is when she found the paranormal field…….

she called in a woman by the name of Kat Angle that runs a paranormal team. seems to be a nice lady. i do not know her personally.


any ways Kelly possessed by demons ( as Kelly claimed )  told Kat that she needed their help.

so Kat’s team and her took time away from what they where doing and drove to help Kelly , only to fiend Kelly just wanted to join their team.

now Kelly would not know the truth if it bit her in the ass. she has lied about, what her dad does for a living, 1-he was a secret serves, the he was a cop. then a judge. and lets not forget when she told every one her dad was over seas. RELAY Kelly!!!!!!!!! come on every one knows you and Evan lie all the time.

and now he is a fireman.

now  I made calls to every one I know in law enforcement to check this out and came to fiend that not only does Kelly lie but she does it all the time.

she Evan told us that she was a DA and has a badge,

okay I dam near chocked on my pop when she said this due to I am a real death investigator  and no DA’s to not carry a badge.

now we come to the good stuff.

now Kelly was arrested for arson we are not talking small thing here. so best way is just to show you.

kelly burnas down a house

now this was due to Kelly stalking some guys that did not want her. so she burnt his house down.

thank God no one was home at the time……….

we will be posting her police documents very soon……

but that is  another blog trust me on this. if I did it on this blog I would have to be here for 2 days… so on to the GO FOUND ME fraud…..

this past weekend Kelly and Evan wanted to go to a ghost hunt… the amount  was 2 days 2 people $1,000

So Kelly put up a Go found me. telling people that it was for the old jail and the owner.


now i got in-touch with the owner.  and to his surprise he did not know even who Kelly was. or anything about the go found me.  he was shocked that some one would do a horrible thing like she did.( please see e-mail from the owner)

owner jail

Now we know Kelly is nothing more then Evan Lee Jensen’s yes woman, she is desperate for attenuation and let all face it!

Most the people paranormal well they are a bunch of they want to believe in the good……( admirable ) ( but dumb!!!!!)

well wake up para-people evil is looking in you’re face and you guys want to pet it like it some kind of kitty.

come on people think!!!!!!!!!!!

all any one has to do is look up Evan lee Jensen name and 100’s of blogs will come up on him.

I have put some links here for you.;wap2

Evan Gets Terminated From Super Unknown

At one time when Evan began as what he calls a paranormal investigator, he belonged to a group called Super Unknown. The real truth Krusty does not want you to know is they barred him from the team because he is much of a douche online and he is offline. This is the statement they posted in return about Evan no longer being with them anymore. His name of the group is on the banner at the conference. Now, after dealing with him first hand, he is not even a part of there camp. You have to ask yourselves why has he gone through 7 Co Host, two paranormal teams and lost over 300 friends over his moronic behaviors.


there is even a potion to get Evan out of the paranormal…

The Paranormal Clown Posse: To withdraw from malicious,libelous, terroristic,bullying behavior within the paran


He is a Lier and a fellon

michelle alder, reading, United Kingdom
2 years ago

Evan Jensen harrassed myself and my fiance because I wanted to reschedule on his radio show. Had several false videos made and called me a pedofile.

David Conklin, nanticoke, PA
2 years ago

I do not want more people victimized by these fakes.

Stacey Gorton, Clarksville, TN
2 years ago


Tracy Muller, Kingston, PA
2 years ago

I’m against all sort of bullying online or offline period. Against evil,negative,hateful,false prophets,bad malicious intent,sadistic etc…etc…& to protect the good,positive true people in the world. + to support LordRick League if Truth,friendship,adventure

Blanca Juarez, Anaheim, CA
2 years ago

People are mad fun of all the time it’s time to stop the bulling

karen Barlow, Springfield, IL
2 years ago

To support anti bullying.

Christina Mcdaniels, Tieton, WA
2 years ago

he has harassed myself and many others that I know. I have seen enough lies stolen identities. he even posted a friends personal medical record online which is a felony and not only can he pay up to 500,000 in fine but fb can be sued as well as the medical office pay fines..

jason stanton, youngsville, NY
2 years ago


james block, london, United Kingdom
2 years ago

I have seen bullying comments…
Porn , hate , and death threats to individuals

david ray, Springfield, OH
2 years ago

God bless this petition for it’s time that someone made one against Evan Jensen and his bully bagade. I know I had my fair share of his lies, threats and childish antics, and was (once) taken advantage of by his means to use my expertise in the para too further and secretly condemn others. This is not what the para field is about, and no one in the para community is safe with this man around.

Rosalind Hennigar, Charlottetown, PE
2 years ago

Leslie I started this petition, you got something to say you approach ME with it! NOT my friends and leave children out of it! You are all guilty of harassment and various other crimes.

jesse roth, Riegelsville, PA
2 years ago

All ive ever heard from evan is hate and bully tactics from this guy, his show is less and less aboutparanormal, and more and more targeting others in the community…. he would do alot better if he spent his time doing research on ghosts than other researchers

Mike Dijital, Shirley, MA
2 years ago

There really is no place for bullying in this world. Don’t like someone or what they do? Fine. But there is no need to rip them apart, in the effort to make yourself appear ‘better’ than them. It only makes you lower than them.

Michael Carroll, Pawcatuck, CT
2 years ago

The bullying needs to end

lisa terio, Norristown, PA
2 years ago

I am one of his victims

David Rountree, Hackettstown, NJ
2 years ago

bullying in any way shape or form is WRONG!!!

Shannon Cuocco, Whitehall, PA
2 years ago

Thank you everyone for your humble and sincere support. Lets keep up the signatures please share this petition so other victims can speak out and against. We do not need pedophiles, sexist, slanderers and those committing illegal activities in the paranormal community. Lets stand our ground sign and more signing. Appreciate it!!!

Lord Rick Rowe, South Lake Tahoe, CA
2 years ago

People like this should not be representing the paranormal community.

Kathy Chruszcz, Annandale, NJ
2 years ago

We don’t need or want people like that in our group.

vickie Holley, Bowling Green, KY
2 years ago

Because people need to grow up and join the real world

Theresa Seid, San Marcos, CA
2 years ago

For reasons to get “Like Minded” people together without the “Concerns” of those that have “No Interest” in our endeavors.

Eric Hanson, Eugene, OR
2 years ago

Dont like bullying

Kandius Grimes, Phoenix, AZ
2 years ago

Stand against bullying

Rebecca Wall, Concord, NC
2 years ago

The paranormal community needs monitoring and basic standards of operation to protect the innocent public from criminals and frauds.

catherine best, Bertrand, MO
2 years ago

I have seen the abuse and bullying posted on fellow paranormal community pages-it is out of hand with these people!

Julianne Ingram, Locust Grove, VA
2 years ago

I pmmed you ONCE! After YOU started in on ME while I was posting on JOHNS page and not even talking to you! I asked you ONE single question in private message, that is all. I have not filed any injunctions on you but other people have. I have seen them and yet you continue to torment THEM! How can I torment and taunt you when I have you blocked? Hmmmmm answer that one! This my friends is what she does. she follows people on the internet, stalks them then accuses THEM of stalking and bullying! Youre seeing it live for yourself right now!

jesse roth, Riegelsville, PA
2 years ago

Get off my petition Leslie, Youre stalking me

jesse roth, Riegelsville, PA
2 years ago

This person’s behavior will not be tolerated by the paranormal community. He give them a bad name. He should not be allowed to do what he does.

Laurie Terio, Edison, NJ
2 years ago

Bullies need to be stopped in the paranormal community seriously!

Michaellyn Ragan, Sioux Falls, SD
2 years ago

This all needs to stop. There is too much bullying in the paranormal. Know when you’re finished and give up.

John Smith, Salem, OR
2 years ago

No one should be treated unfairly!!!

Melissa Freeman, Palmetto, FL
2 years ago

It’s a harmful group

Colleen Nadas, Wauconda, IL
2 years ago

I have been bullied myself in the past as well as others I have known. I want it to end.

Andrea Carr, Ocala, FL
2 years ago

Support for my friends active in the paranormal field and to support my friend David Rountree.

Leland Pannell, Elgin, TX
2 years ago

because I know how it feel to be a outcast

benjamin calvert, elizabeth city, NC
2 years ago

I agree!

Niki P., Baltimore, MD
2 years ago

Bullying is not only illegal but it hurts others emotionally. I did sign this earlier but made a typo which will not let me fix it. What I meant to say is there is NO ROOM for felons, slanderers, bully’s, liars, frauds, threats or malicious behavior in the paranormal community. I am tired of seeing this guy hurt women and exploit kids. I am tired of him telling tall tales about me that hold no validation or proof in order to defame me by making up outlandish stories about me abusing my pets or that I deal drugs or molest kids all BS. My integrity, honor and friendship will always out weigh this clown as I have interviewed so far over 100 people who been threatened including me. Say NO to bullying in the paranormal community! Lets join in friendship to put an end to this so that we as paranormal investigators are free to do what we were meant to which is chase the strange without the fear of this clown hurting our friends and community!

Lord Rick Rowe, South Lake Tahoe, CA
2 years ago

Leslie Shelton LIAR! His email address is on the challenge video! LMAO And using a brain that his excuse for exploiting children and posting porn pics on family friendly pages? You are full of it ….. DAVID MADE THE CHALLENGE ON HIS TERMS, in a legal way regulated! The only reason EVAN can’t leave the state is for his felony kidnapping charge, and a terminally Ill man would not agree to match period so you are all lying cons.

Brandy Eves, Hackettstown, NJ
2 years ago

Leslie I have screen shots of Judi posting pictures of my children without my permission. Thee people are sick and dangerous. Criminal records a mile long and if you cross them, they go after your children. They are child exploiters in the worst way and an insult to the community. You brought my children into this , and as a mother, I’ll curse you all I want. How DARES you use children in your sick games!

Brandy Eves, Hackettstown, NJ
2 years ago

Bullies no matter where it is, or by who is wrong. It needs to stop and these people need to be exposed for who they are. The scars that are left from the pain thats placed upon are carried for a life time. Whats sad is that these people that are adult bullies, were children bullies and data has been collected that their parents were bullies too. I say stop this madness now. This has pained me because I too as well as ones in my life have endured this and it needs to be nipped now.. Peace..Love & Light!!!

Elena Maggard, Hebron, KY
2 years ago

I have been bullied by this person he needs to be stopped

Tammie Mccourt, Brunswick, OH
2 years ago

Having witnessed these acts myself, I will sum up my reasoning in a “Civilized” manner and just say that People should not claim Titles they can’t afford!!

Lisa Rountree, Sheboygan Falls, WI
2 years ago

I am supporting my friends who are getting bullied.

Katie Boyd, Manchester, NH
2 years ago

Bullying friends of mine. I have seen what they are doing.

Susan James, Millersburg, OH
2 years ago

He’s abusing people

Jodie Parks, St Louis, MO
2 years ago

To keep my friends safe

Mary moore, maxwell, IA
2 years ago

I think he just needs to stop. Things have gotten out of hand. He is making the paranormal community look like fools. Grow up already.

Pamela Salomon, Woonsocket, RI
2 years ago

Evan is a friend of Lon Strickler’s, another Internet troll and bully. He tried to dupe us into coming on his show to air our issues with him, but we deduced that it was a ploy and quickly bowed out. These people are all psychotic and dangerous.

Mark Johnson, Sussex, NJ
2 years ago

Evan has exploited children, threatened my family, defamed me by saying I was a child molester and slandered me multiple times on his show. Their is more room for this type of behavior nor a felon who has been convicted of KIDNAPPING!

Richard Rowe, Gardnerville, NV
2 years ago


Nicole Chapman, Santa Fe, NM
2 years ago

I am a victim of all above. raising awareness is not stocking but this gives no reason to steal idenities, equiptment and put up their victims personal information.

paula vazquez, Glendale, AZ
2 years ago

Blah blah blah Leslie, No one is afraid of you.

jesse roth, Riegelsville, PA
2 years ago

Seems she finally listened to reason. And NOPE! Im not in jail. Haven’t been served with anything either LOL Maybe she finally realized the demons in her head were lying to her when they told her all of that nonsense. As for her jealousy of her sister, well we can’t help her with that. She’s just going to have to overcome that demon herself. Now that she “seems” to be leaving us alone for now Rick, we can move on to better things as we have more interesting things in REAL LIFE to tend too LOL

jesse roth, Riegelsville, PA
2 years ago

haha we already do laugh at her I am not sure I ever met someone as jealous as her in my life. She is nothing but a dirty pig farmer who has nothing better to do then harass this petition!

Lord Rick Rowe, South Lake Tahoe, CA
2 years ago

She is so delusional. In fact everytime I see her name pop up on here, before I even read her comment, all I can think of is the scene from the movie Carrie when shes up on stage and her mothers voice keeps repeating, “Their all going to laugh at you”

And yes she does act like the spoiled bratty evil “stepsister” LOL

jesse roth, Riegelsville, PA
2 years ago

Leslie, None of us have been charged, served, given restraining orders etc…NOTHING so IDK who is feeding the voices in your head such thoughts but check your resources.The truth is, I drive past a minimum 6 police cars who’s dash cams automatically scan license plates just driving two blocks away in my neighborhood on a daily basis, I think if I were in trouble with the law I would be in jail, not here responding to you.I also don’t know where you got the idea my name is Jessica Roth and I live in Bethlehem. The sad truth of it is there IS a Jessica Roth in bethlehem and that police report you found is HERS, not mine. You are slandering the wrong person. The truth is I DON’T HAVE A POLICE RECORD. I am squeaky clean and my name is not Jessica. I don’t even live in Bethlehem and never have. You really need to check your resources or stop listening to whoever is feeding you this bad info.

As for Me stalking you or anyone else??? I have all of you blocked from all other social media sites. The only contact I have with ANY of you is YOU keep coming on here. I don’t need to stalk you as you can’t stay off this petition even though I have told you SEVERAL times to leave me alone. I don’t want your third party messages that aren’t even true.I don’t know why you think we are harassing John but none of us want anything to do with him. None of us are contact him so I don’t know what he is telling you. I have better things to do than sit on line and talk to people I don’t care about. I don’t know what more I could say to you to explain it better but I don’t waste my time stalking people.

And stop trying to send messages to Paula through this petition. she doesn’t even come on here. She signed it, left one comment and hasn’t been back on it since. There is no restraint order nor cease and desist order on her either. Again Who tells you this stuff?

And yes I WILL be deleting your comments on here. You need to STOP using this as your third party message board.


jesse roth, Riegelsville, PA
2 years ago

jesse roth, Riegelsville, PA
2 years ago

jesse roth, Riegelsville, PA
2 years ago

Since you like youtube so much, watch this. Its your theme song

jesse roth, Riegelsville, PA
2 years ago
 Now this is just some of his victims. of Evans. and this was 2 years ago. ( there are 100 of people now.)  you can find the full link on the sight below
The thing is Evan and Kelly are know to be the most hated people in the field of the paranormal.
(we will be posting more on them, ) we have now gotten recording showing just how much Kelly lies to cover up her boy-friends cons. and felony’s. we will be posting it on you tub as soon as we up load it.
now please note some /well all of the people that once worked with Evan turned their back on him as soon as they found out he was a child pedophile and convicted kidnapper.
but not Kelly she not only knows he is a child pedophile. but offered to send her child to him>>>>> this is one sick woman. so in love with Evan she is willing to put her own child in arms way just so she can think she is some one in the field of the paranormal……..

Evan Jensen threatened the police.

evan trerating to soot the cops

Now we all know the well know convicted kidnapper Evan lee Jensen. and how he bullies,stalks and harasses people,

this time it would seem as if his own police department is indeed in the line of fire.

Now this came about when Judi had gotten some photos off the Face book page of Evans after he has stated he was going to shoot people. please see the photos that Evan him self posted on this Face book time line.

evan  millitery gun

evan milltery gun 02

Now being a convicted felon he is not to have and gun in his possession. or even hold guns. so for him to post this was a violation of the law.

so yes we called the police. and informed then about this 1- being he can not even hold a gun. and 2- this kind of gun is not legal in America.

the police stormed his house as they should have. being what has been going on with our men in blue being gunned down lately, by just this kind of gun.

Evan then as we all know he does lied to the police. and said that Carol and Judi Photoshop the photo.

but the police know it was indeed the real thing. thanks to Darlene who found the photo on his wall with the info on it to show it is a real photo.

oregenal gun photo

Now Evan after finding out this is indeed going to the DA’s to be prosecuted. FLIPPED out. made at now the police.

evan trerating to take dow the police

evan police

now the thing is Evan is now looking at going back to prison. and yes there is a case number. and we will release that as soon as we can.

now why you may ask did Evan go on this fit? you must understand for Evan this could land him right back in prison. So as Evan all ways does he has to have some one to blame. this time it just happens to be the police……

Evan has never taken responsibility for anything in his life that he has done wrong.I have said it for years now his Ego will land him right back in prison someday. and sure enough it looks like it will.

One would ask why would Evan do something like this when he knows there are 50 plus victims watching his every move. waiting for him to do something agents the Law.

what he just does not understand is there are many of his victims ready to stand united and see justice be done. now just one but 50 plus……

we will be keeping every one posted. on this as new info comes in.

Evan Jensen facing jail time over illegal guns.

evan  millitery gun

evan milltery gun 02

Well there is nothing sadder then a convicted kidnapper holding a military assault rifle, in a room full of people. It would seem that MR.Evan lee jensen has indeed this time gotten himself into something he can not get out of.

Evan Jensen is best known in the paranormal field as the paranormal pedophile, After he had sent porn to under-aged children.

Evan jensen is a convicted felon. who did 3 or 10 years in prison. for kidnapping a woman out of a Safeway parking lot.

omg evan

and according to the ORS 166.270

Possession of weapons by certain felons,

(1) Any person who has been convicted of a felony under the law of this state or any other state, or who has been convicted of a felony under the laws of the Government of the United States, who owns or has in the persons possession or under the persons custody or control any firearm commits the crime of felon in possession of a firearm.

Felon in possession of a firearm is a Class C felony. Felon in possession of a restricted weapon is a Class A misdemeanor. [Amended by 1975 c.702 §1; 1985 c.543 §4; 1985 c.709 §2; 1987 c.853 §1; 1989 c.839 §4; 1993 c.735 §2; 1995 c.518 §1; 1999 c.1040 §16; 2003 c.14 §64; 2009 c.189 §1; 2009 c.499 §3]

now one would ask why would this man would have a gun , any gun knowing he is a felon? and will do time over this.

well I have said it many times. His EGO gets in his way of logical thinking. he thinks he is above the law.

but truth is he is not. and after my self and many others sent the photos to home land security as well as the police. well lets just say it does not look good for him.

Evan has told many people he would shot them. and his side kick Jan is no better.she as well has an illegal fire arm. and I will post the screen shots here for you.

evan talking about his guns 01

evan trerating to soot the cops

Now you have got to be be as dumb as hell to state this about the police…. we all know the police do not think things like this funny at all. and why should they?

Now for his side kick who is a real piece of work….. this is a almost 60 year old woman who mind you is still being looked at for her wife’s death. meet Jan….


now the think with Jan is she was married to Jean for only a few months. when on day she had been partying, her wife lay on the floor gasping for air. Jan covered her up and call her x to come help clean up the drugs before they called 911.

Jean lost her life that night. all due to Jan did not want to get in trouble for the drugs and legal fire arm.

JAN gun

now this woman as well admits to the fact she knows the gun is not legal……

now not much more is know due to the police are still looking into it. but this is a almost 60 year old woman that threatened a disable woman. and stole money from her. as well as stole her belongings……

now one would ask why a almost 60 year old woman would want someones things? or why she would have a illegal gun to start with…..

the question I have is could this be one of the stolen guns Evan sold?

thing is Evan will be going back to prison. we will keep every one posted.