Evan Jensen fakes his own daughter’s kiddnapping to get attention


evan lee jensen photo
Evan jensen

How far will one man go to obtain attention? we have seen many claims by Evan Jensen form having a brain tumor to his sister having a brain tumor. to even him calming to be a Navy seal.

but on 4/15/2016 it would come to an all time low. when Evan would state the following.

“It is now day seven and we are no closer to finding our daughter Emilee Jensen. Her last known whereabouts were in Gresham, Oregon. We are also looking for a man that may have been last seen with her, her boy friend, Cory Peterson. Please share these pictures and our message to come home,” Evan Jensen said regarding his daughter Emilee.

If you have heard from Emilee, Please notify Evan Jensen by the email address below or contact the Gresham police department.
Gresham police#-Phone: 503-618-2318503-618-2318
and post the photo below of his step daughter with it.
evans step daughter
Now we indeed called the police to see if what Evan stated was true or just another cry for attention,
we came to find that not only was she NOT kidnapped!!!!
Now when we called the number Evan had posted as of that day there was no missing persons report made.they told us that they had no record of her ever being missing or kidnapped. and no record of any one reporting her missing.
now we are not the only one that called many others called as well and got the same thing told to them.
now only when people started questioning Evan did he go down and file a missing persons report. this was
 One would ask why a person would create a fantasy where his own step daughter would be kidnapped and missing for 7 days?

now maybe the most sad thing here is that in America over 100 people do go missing every day.

and for most it is a horror that turns their life’s upside down.  destroying the family and the people of the town that it took place in. there are true dangers out there and for someone to take the attention away from a true kidnapping or missing person case.is one of the saddest thing out there due to the time people are posting about the non missing person the clock is ticking on finding a true missing person .

That time taken away from the real missing and kidnapping cases could mean the differences between life and death for the real victim.

Now Evan stated her and her boyfriend where dealing drugs and the apartment got raided. and they took off to avoid being sent to jail. (but then stated the following on his blog)

but at the same time the police confirm that Evan put in the police report that there was a raid. ( this shows how Evan will lie to cover his tracts.)

okay if this was the case, this is not a missing persons case. but a case of fleeing from law enforcement. so to report a missing person is indeed filing a false police report witch is a crime under:  ORS 162.375 Initiating a false report.

now knowing that Evan knowingly had a Tex message from her on Thursday and she talked to her mother. and that the truth would come out. why keep up the lies when so many people steeped up to help?  the truth is he coned the good people that was there to help him. he coned the police.and all for attention.

you can see more of the story on this blog sight.





( Time line on the events surrounding the story) Evans lies )

04/4/2016 Evan claims she is missing.
04/15/2016 Evan files report with police Case # 16-21035
04/16/2016 Evan avoids police contact
04/18 2016 Evan states she texted him

but did not inform the police of this.
04/20/2016 Evan slams Leslie Shelton on line after she post the truth about him lying to get attention.
04/20/2016 Evan becomes police’s number one suspect in his daughters case.


(RED FLAG) Evan told the police his daughter was living with her boyfriend Cory Peterson and their house was raided by the FBI for drugs and she and Cory fled. He had not heard from her for approx 7 days. Evan told them that he did not currently have her phone number on him when the officer asked for a contact number.

(RED FLAG) The officer called him back over 10 times with no answer and  no return of call seeking a number for her as the only number they could locate had been disconnected.

(RED FLAG) Evan had know his daughter was on the run due to the drug raid. he put it in the police report. but yet was so hungry for attention he coned not just the people in the paranormal field but the police.and other good people.

The fact is that this is nothing new for Evan to Pull.  Evan has a long history of this kind of thing. for most that have been in the paranormal for any given time knows him well as a lair. con and fake. that will do anything to get attention.

he is well know for slandering and making up things on others who call him out for his lies.

we will be posting more on this story as the documents come in and the facts come to light.we do know that right now the police are questioning Evan as a suspect in his daughters case. but we do not have all the info.


Evan lee Jensen, and the true documents.

evan lee jensen photo
Evan Jensen.


For years now Evan Lee Jensen has been posting lies about my self and so many others. so I am taking this time to bring to truth to light. with court documents.

I started having a problem With Evan in 2014 when he wanted me to do one of his shows . I know even back then all to well about him , as well as I had my own show I was doing. the Dark side.

Well lets just say that did not sit well with Evan Lee Jensen. not only did he start to slander me but took my shows name and tried to use it.

I put a stop to that very fast as I have copy write on it. And he was kicked off blog talk .

Evan began calling my work. sending lies to then contacting my family on Face book.

So at that time I had call the police after many late night phone calls. and stalking and harassing me and my Family.

My court did give me a restringing order. but it did not help. (please see document below.)

pertective order agenst evan

Now one would think that this would get him to stop but all it did was make him mad.

at this time he did not stop so they put out a warrant for his arrest,( please see document below)

warrent on evan

now this is where the story gets crazy. or should I say crazy-er?

Evan went to his court house and filed on me who mind you lives over 3,500 miles away from him. and the documents he posted was noting but lies. i will let you read them you’re self.(please see below)

evan lieing on court documents 02

evan lieing on court documents 01

please see the court case Evan files.

evan ,me court case i won

Now the judge saw Evan was lying and informed him he was stalking me and if he kept it up he would go to jail. Then she through him and the case out of court. (please see documents below)

evan and my case dissmesed

Now as you can see by the documentation Evan will make up any thing to mess with some one. and I am only one of Many. there is 100’s of victim’s all over America.

Now Evan keeps stating I was arrested in Tombstone. and was charged . now there is one very easy way to tell he is lying you can call and see for you’re self the number is.  (520)457-3781)

you will see I have never been to court in Tombstone or Az in my life.

Now we have sent a document to the judge in Evan’s county showing that he not only violated a protective order  , as you can clearly see above  on the documents. but he went against the same judge in his county’s order.

Now we will keep you posted on it as this is . due to I will be doing a by phone hearing with the same judge that informed Mr Jensen to leave me alone. and trust me my state is pushing for 90 days in Jail,

I will keep every one posted on what takes place.





Evan Lee Jensen proof he is a fraud.

evan lee jensen for new paper

We will only post the true documents here so you  can see for you’re self what is fact and what is not. We believe that to understand the Lies and fraud that MR. Evan lee Jensen has brought foreword one must have evidences. so we have posted it all here in one place for you.

We will walk you step by step through the lies and deceit Evan has told so many. by showing you only the documented facts.

It is up to you to make up you’re own mind based on the evidences presented here. each time you see the word  ( RED FLAG ) a piece of documented evidences will fallow.

Evan’s own Bio,

I own and opperate Beyond The Edge Of Reality radio network and produce and host all of the shows for the network i write, edit. produce and over see all things with our blogs, pages and content.
( RED FLAG)- in his own words he clams to be a writer, editor, but yet he clams to be legally blind ( please see screen shot below.
Evan 00
former producer of the 106.5 F.M radio show The super unknown
(RED FLAG ) – We got in touch with 106.5 FM by e- mail about Evan , (please see the e- mail that was sent back to us by the owner.)
I’m sorry to say that the name Evan Jensen has not been a producer at this station, unless he was working in the background or with one of our other show host.
If I can be more help or if Mr. Jensen can supply more information that I can verify I would be happy to respond.
Bill Scally
General Manager
KItc Fm 106.5 Kitcfm.com
KncpFm 107.3 Kncpfm.com
( please fill free to call for you’re self and ask)
Evan Jensen has appeared on over 300 radio shows around the country as eather a guest or has been asked to guest host. His arrange of material ranges from occultic to paranormal phenomena.

Evan’s Credits

The G.R.I.P.E, RADIO(2012)
Unexplained Phenomena,Ghosts, Hauntings And The Super Unknown(2011)
host, producer.
( RED FLAG ) he did not get in to the field of the paranormal until 2012 by his own words please see the video below.
Beyond The Edge Of Reality Radio.(2000)
owner founder, producer.
( RED FLAG) – Evan in his own words states he did not get into the paranormal until 2012 ) (please see video Evan did him-self stating he started in the paranormal in 2012 )
So You Hate Me, the one speak radio program

Evan’s Awards

whos who in the paranormal world 2015 (2015)
Exellence in broadcasting award (2014)
paranormal awards best show of 2013 (2013)
Paranormal entertainer of the year 2009 (2009) ( RED FLAG ) ONCE AGAIN HE IN HIS OWN WORDS DID NOT GET INTO THE PARANORMAL UNTIL 2012.
( RED FLAG ) – Evan clams to have won many awards we did some digging and came to fiend that Evan never win an award in the paranormal field. (please see screen shoot where he clams to have won.
(please see the true winners listed below taken off of the web sight it’s self. )

The Paranormal Awards 2013 pictures and Winners

  • CC is interviewed by the press

  • George welcoming guests

  • Steve Clark & Naomi Gorman singers

  • Jason Wasley Ghost Adventures

  • Jeff Leeper and CC

  • Lei, Brown, CC & Mia Brown

  • Tom Bosselait enjoys the day
  • Tom is a member of The Conscious Spirit Group and won best EVP of The Year 2013

  • CC Rocks the Opening Number

  • The Awards were Jammed Packed

  • John Brightman EVP 2nd runner up

  • Rosie the para dog!

Cap, CC Carole Productions copyright 1996-2020

WE ROCKED IT! Congratulation to the Winners of The Paranormal Awards 2013. Special thank you to all the Nominees, Speakers, Presenters, Entertainers, Staff , Security, DJ Mark, Committee members, Board members, Inns,
Restaurants and Local businesses. Without the help love and support of theses individuals The Paranormal Awards 2013 would not be possible. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Our convention was packed our Awards was packed. The vib of love for each other was simply amazing. I love you all. love ya, CC

Winners:GH (Ghost Hunting Category)

Investigator of The Year – Eric Metzler Souhegan Paranormal Investigators
Radio Show of The Year – Sandman ParaReality Radio Show
Radio Show of The Year – 2nd Place: Club Para The Para Lounge

EVP of The Year – Winner Tom Bosselait The Conscious Spirit Group

EVP of The Year – 2nd Place: “ Welcome to Cordon” John Brightman
EVP of The Year – 3rd Place: “ Mary Ann” Jo-Anne Burdin The Conscious Spirit Group

Team of The Year – NEPA Ghost Detectives

Researcher of The Year – Bob Christopher

Internet Show of The Year – Winner GCUK Paranormal
Internet show of The year – 2nd Place: Creepy Places of New England

Suzi Boucher Mediumship Award – Winner -Rick Hayes

Picture of The Year – Mary Sonia NEPANH New East Paranormal Association of New Hampshire
Picture of The Year – 2nd Place: Iain Lawrence

Laura Cartwright Humanity Award – Winner – NEPANH North East Paranormal Associates of New Hampshire.

Literary Award – Karen Vance Hammond Shoe Marks
Literary Award – 2nd Place Chad Stambaugh Paranormal Investgations

Winner:(UFO Category)

Literary Awards – Prof. David Pares & Chris Massin

Winners:(Bigfoot Category)

Researcher of The Year – Jason Morse
Picture of The Year – Jason Morse
Radio Show of The Year – Chattahooches Bigfoot Radio
Team of The Year – Crypto Crew

Winner: (Cryptozoology Category)
Researcher of The Year – Terri Harlow

( As you can clearly see Evan lee Jensen name is no where on it. )

Evan has never won an award for anything in the paranormal. and truth be told he has been band from blog talk FOR LIFE. for harassing and stalking people on line.

Now in Evan own words please see his BIO below

Evan L Jensen was born in the greater Portland Oregon area.  He was the Son to a poor family of 5, his father a long shore men, who worked for the port of Portland and the ship repair yards. His mom was of  Pennsylvanian Dutch decent(low land German). His father was from Copenhagen Denmark, who fled the country during world war two, just as the Nazis invaded his country.
Evan Jensen’s sister is a law judge in Marion county. ( RED FLAG ) – ( we checked into the judges at the court house where Evan stated his sister in-law worked and you can clearly see there is no Judge Jensen.

Judges and Judicial Staff

Marion County Courthouse, 100 High St. NE, Salem:

       Honorable Donald Abar, Courtroom 1A
          Nikki Hahn
Kendra Anderson
Main: 503.585.4939
Fax: 503.588.5114 

       Honorable Claudia Burton, Courtroom 1B
          Donna Birch
Megan Curry
Main: 503.584.7713
Fax: 503.584.7718       

        Honorable Thomas Hart, Courtroom 2A
          Ashley Klein
Zach Clausen
Main: 503.584.7749
Fax: 503.589.3262

        Honorable David Leith, Courtroom 2B
          Brooklynn Hatchell
Erin Rascon
Main: 503.588.5160
Fax: 503.588.5117

        Honorable Channing Bennett, Courtroom 2C
          Kimberly Blades
Taylor Smoker
Main: 503.588.7950
Fax: 503.588.5115

        Honorable Courtland Geyer, Courtroom 2D
          Kim Taylor
Danielle Pineda
Main: 503.373.4445
Fax: 503.588.7928

        Honorable Tracy Prall, Courtroom 4A
Cindy Haddad
Brady Trujillo
Main: 503.588.5030
Fax: 503.588.5109

        Honorable Cheryl Pellegrini, Courtroom 4C
          Renee Brown
Tammy Padua
Main: 503.588.5028
Fax: 503.588.5027       

        Honorable Sean Armstrong, Courtroom 4D
          Tracy Chance
Melissa Martinmaas
Main: 503.588.5026
Fax: 503.588.5113

       Honorable Susan Tripp, Courtroom 5A
          Laura Baker
Wendy Biggs
Main: 503.373.4361
Fax: 503.589.3218

       Honorable Mary James, Courtroom 5B
         Krystal Pearson
Cindy Twiggs
Main: 503.373.4303
Fax: 503.373.4305

       Honorable Dale Penn, Presiding Judge, Courtroom 5C
Monica Martinez
Kristin Atkinson
Main: 503.588.5492
Fax: 503.589.3266

Marion County Circuit Court Annex, 4000 Aumsville Highway, Salem:

Hon. Vance Day, Courtroom B
         Cindy O’Neil
Main: 503-588-8485
Fax: 503-566-6933

Juvenile Court, 3030 Center St. NE, Salem:

        Honorable Lindsay Partridge
Kandee Lindquist
Monica Williamson
Main: 503.566.2974
Fax: 503.584.4816

His brother Erland has worked in Portland as well for over 35 years with the same company.
Evan Jensen graduated high school in the old Oregon City high school in Oregon City Oregon in 1985. That summer of 1985,
Evan went into the U.S. armed forces, where he served in the United States Navy. As a young man finding his way it was a little breathtaking at first, as was the new scenery, the new surroundings. While serving on board the U.SS Midday C.V-41,
(please Seen in evens own words where he clams to be a Navy Seal.
evan navy seal
 ( RED FLAGS ) – Evan did not even make it through basics before he pulled a loaded gun on his commanding office and was put into the brink. Evan was discharged for mental instability. ( please see his own DD214 below )
Now a woman by the name of Leslie did some digging and came to fiend they he indeed commuted stolen valor, after Evan was forced to come clean. ( please see screen shot below)
evan amiting he not a seal
he saw several different countries and had started traveling the world most of that was inside the orient itself.
After leaving the United States Navy, Evan Jensen settled down to marry his Philippine sweetheart and current wife. Evan Jensen has been married over 21 years and has a wonderful daughter Emilee Jensen, who is now 19 years old.
After the Nave kicked him out Evan jensen went to prison for Kipping a woman out of a Safeway parking lot in 1992 ( please see document below )
omg evan
Evan Jensen currently resides in Milwaukee Oregon with is wife.
Evan Jensen has made plenty of mistakes in his life,but as most have,he has learned from his mistakes and continued to grow as a family man,father and husband to his wife.
Evan Jensen has always had a love for the super unknown and in 2004 and later part of 2005,he began to get known.
( RED FLAG) In his own words he states he did not get into the paranormal until 2012. please see video link above)
He created several paranormal talk shows since then and has grown in the paranormal field.Evan Jensen is a major voice known inside the paranormal field.For some a down right pain in the ass.His(Evans) ways are different then most people.He is not afraid to face diversity and is never afraid to voice his own opinions, even though some may not like it.
( RED FLAG ) we have shown that everything Evan states is a lie..
( RED FLAG ) Evan in his own words stating he has friends come on his shows posing as other people just to set people up. ( see screen shot below )
evan and judi
In Evans on words how he lies to set people up with the help of Judi

( RED FLAG ) Evan has even made up things in the paranormal to trick people like that of the white eye demon child. (please see screen shot below )

Evan 02

Evan  Jensen has written for Eye Of The Paranormal,as well as now writing for his own paper The Paranormal Herald.Evan enjoys writing different articles while he can,because he knows it is just a matter of time and then he will not be able to write any longer.
Evan Jensen was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in 2001,went through surgery at kaiser Hospital July 1st 2001.Evans surgery lasted 12 hours on the operating table,the doctors were able to lazer the brain tumor flat,but were not successful in getting the entire tumor. The the doctors stated they knew it would grow back,but they did not know exactly how long it may take. according to recent eye strokes last year, the doctors told Evan Jensen the tumor was back. But this time because of the growth, they were not able to do anything.
Evans tumor is what they call slow growing, it was not cancerous.It is now being watched by the Oregon Health Science University.
Evan Jensen wishes all his friends great success inside the paranormal field, to his enemies he also wishes them the best.
One would ask why the need to lie so much about who you are? How did a child pedophile and convicted kidnapper become able to be in the field with a ton of investigators. did no one bother to do some looking into this guy?
Evan has a very long history of stalking and harassing woman on line to the point that there are active warrants out for him in Petersburg  VA.  (please see document below )
warrent on evanHe as well has many restringing orders for stalking woman ( please see below )
restaning order please fill free if you need any of the documents on the blogs to get in touch with us and we will get them over to you.


Evan Lee Jensen caught in LIES.

Evan 12

As many know With in the paranormal field A man by the name of Evan lee Jensen has long been stating that he calls out fakes and Frauds. but it would seem through the documents that the only fake and fraud here is Evan Jensen.

Evan clams to be a priest please see the video of Evan him self talking about him being a priest below.

in his own words he calls him-self an expert in demonic. please see below

in evans own words

Now Evan has told many lies , From being a Navy Seal , to working with the FBI. to being blind.

We have gotten an e- mail from an individual who contacted us about Evan Jensen stating he is a member of a satanic occult. we looked into it and came to fiend that it was indeed a fact. That Evan Jensen did state that he was affiliated with satanism. please see the screen shot below

devil evan

as you can clearly see Evan in his own words states ( Tom Erik Raspotnik ) who is the priest of the  satanic church by the name of, THEISTIC SATANISM.

Now one must Ask why would a self clammed catholic priest be doing calming he is a member of a satanic church.

Now we reached out to Tom and he was quit pleasant well spoken. he had told us that Evan was a member of the Face book group .and calmed to be a satanic worshiper. and wanted to become a member of the THEISTIC Satanism church. but Tom would not have him due to his mental instability.

Tom did talk about the Animal Sacrifices and told me Evan was fine with it.

now another thing that just took me back was the fact the Tom promotes prostitution and he had told me that Evan had asked how to get into it.

please see Tom’s own words on prostitution below


 Blackwood Speaks

On Prostitution:
Having owned an Escort Service for years I can comment on this from a
“first person perspective” I believe those who engage in
rape and incest deserve to be castrated and those who harm children
sexually to death, however legalization of prostitution would curb
much of this criminal activity and would allow for business’s to
pay into a much needed tax deficit, however as long as Christianity is
allowed to inflict moral judgment of society prostitution shall always
be outlawed except in Nevada, and even there Christian zealots fight
to overturn age-old laws and protection against closing down
Bordello’s a crossed Northern Nevada.
My very own Escort Service and my ability to cut a swath through
females sexually pales in comparison to those who stand in Satanism
convicted for Child Molesting and Rape charges.

I have always had respect for women who understand the concept that
sex should cost a man something, and those men of us who can enjoy it
free should consider ourselves lucky.
“Free-Fucking” goes on a crossed America every night I ask
why not get paid for this, you are taking the chance at H.I.V. or even
Herpes so why not make it rewarding instead of not getting paid and
going home wondering if he will call or she will call the next day.
Hail indulgence!

Now one would ask why Mr. jensen  who state that he was a catholic priest be into joining a Satanism church. and want to run prostitutes and do  Animal Sacrifices

this would on to wonder if this does not play into his stalking of woman on new or even the kidnapping.

we have a lot more coming in on Mr. jensen  it all takes time due to we will not post anything that is not documented.



Evan Lee Jensen sociopath Compulsive Liar

evan lee jensen photo
Evan jensen

Please understand we at no time are here to post untrue statements and know that millions of people in to-day society  have mental illness. Mental ills has a  direct impact on unsuspecting members of society when let untreated.

As with the case of Evan Lee Jensen. we will take you step by step through the Rain of horror he has embedded into the lies of over 100 plus people. we will only post documented facts. and let you the reader make up you’re own minds.

In order to understand the true magnitude of the the horror he has put his victims through you must first understand his mental disability.


A Sociopath

A sociopath is typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused—it is done to get one’s way). Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. Sociopaths are often charming and charismatic, but they use their talented social skills in manipulative and self-centered ways

Compulsive Liar

A compulsive liar is defined as someone who lies out of habit. Lying is their normal and reflexive way of responding to questions. Compulsive liars bend the truth about everything, large and small. For a compulsive liar, telling the truth is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right. Compulsive lying is usually thought to develop in early childhood, due to being placed in an environment where lying was necessary. For the most part, compulsive liars are not overly manipulative and cunning, rather they simply lie out of habit—an automatic response which is hard to break and one that takes its toll on a relationship

Mr. Evan lee Jensen makes many claims as you can see he clams to have over 5,000 listeners (please see screen shot below)

evan just another lienow we did get a hold of the true documents showing just how many he had before he was band forever for stalking and harassing people on this show. (please see below )

As you can see Evan show had 40 listeners all how was an archived non where live listeners. at the most he had 4 live listeners, and that was on a good night.

Evan claims to be many thing please see the statements he makes in his own words below.

in evans own words

BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY, the best DAMN PARANORMAL radio show on the planet is a web based radio show with Evan Jensen, and Jason Offir as hosts, we explore, the FREEKY, THE UNKNOWN, GHOSTS, SHAPESHIFTERS, BIGFOOT, LAKE MONSTERS, GHOSTS, and much much more, we can be heard every Tuesday at 7=9PM in the PDT, and special showings will be announced on our FACEBOOK page, come and witness the best that PARA-ENTERTAINMENT has to offer with the best host’s and guests in the industry.

Now Evan lee jensen has stated on many times he had been in the field of the paranormal for 20 years. but as you can see by his own words he had gotten into the field in 2012.

now any one can see that can add he has only been in the paranormal for 4 years. from 2012 to 2016.

Many of his lies have been brought forth in to the eye of the public one of the most well know is when Evan stated he was a Navy Seal (please see screen shot below )

evan navy seal

now after a woman by the name of Leslie contacted the proper authorities she had obtained his DD214 (please see copy’s below)




now once confronted with the truth Evan started back peddling. as you will see in the screen shot below

evan amiting he not a sealNow this is just the beginning as you will see by screen shots in Evans own words. he has gone as far as to try to make up things in the paranormal field to get attenuation.

Evan 02

Evan Jensen is well known for the lies he tells in the paranormal. you will see a series of screen shoots below showing the many different things including that of his having others posing to be someone they are not so they he does not get caught in a lie.

evan saing he is a fed agent

evan and judi

Evan 00

now on many times Evan states he drives. cuts down his own X-miss trees. and now remember in his own words he states

Evan Jensen (evan jensen) Demonologists. Self-Employed. Executive Producer & Writer. See Photos. Evan Jensen. The Paranormal Herald.

not to mention how is he on face book, twitter, and doing 2 plus blog sights if he is blind. ( it is just common sense to see that it just another lie by Evan jensen.

Now Evan was called out on a show he was on. and when called out he snapped postal, you will hear him go after the host



  • Know that a pathological liar will study you: The goal of the liar may be hidden, but you can count on the fact that the they don’t want you to know the truth. In order to evade someone, you certainly need to study the person and examine what that person might or might not believe. Liars, often sociopaths, are known to “study” the person they hope to take advantage of. In other words, they look for weaknesses.
  • Don’t forget that the liar lacks empathy: As hard as it is to believe, it is true. The liar does not have any moral consciousness of how the lying behavior may make you feel. The liar does not think before he lies: “oh, I better not say that or I could hurt that person or mislead them.” The liar does not care anything about your feelings and never will. A question many parents of my former clients have asked their child who lies is: “Why don’t you just tell me the truth? Why is that so hard!?” As difficult as it is to believe, it is not that easy for the liar to divulge the truth. The liar lacks the ability to consider what you might feel in response to their lie (which is empathy).
    1. Normal people feel guilty and are relieved when you change the topic or stop asking questions: This was an interesting point that I learned about as I studied forensic psychology as a graduate student some years ago. While working with juvenile delinquents, I found that the pathological liar shows no emotion when lying which makes them believable. A person who is lying and has normal levels of empathy and concern for others, will often show relief when the topic being discussed is changed. For example, if someone told you that they grew up in a concentration camp and experienced a lot of trauma as a result, you would ask questions about it to further understand. If you changed the topic at the point when you observed stress or anxiety in response to your questions, you would see the person relax because they are aware of the consequences of their lying. Most of us will relax when others cease from asking too many questions about a topic we are lying about. A pathological liar is not fazed. You will rarely if ever see emotion.
    2. All liars do not do the common things you think liars do: Believe it or not, liars do not always touch their nose, shift in their seats or from one foot to the next, or even look sneaky when lying. Some really experienced liars are good at giving you direct eye contact, seeming relaxed or “laid back,” and may appear very sociable. The thing to look for is eye contact that feels piercing. Some sociopaths have learned how to evade people with direct eye contact, sociable smiles, and humor. Trust your instincts and discernment. What do their eyes tell you? What does their behavior or laughter tell you?
    3. The most sneaky liars are manipulative: I once heard someone say “we all manipulate.” While this might be true to a certain degree, the liar tends to manipulate more than anyone else and has learned how to become a “pro” at doing it. There is nothing impressive about the dangerous or evil manipulator. They know everything to say and do, they know what you want and don’t want, and again, they will “study” you. In fact, many pathological liars (and sociopaths) use sexual or emotional arousal to distract you from the truth. Proceed with caution when dealing with someone who seems to be directing their attention to you in such a way as to stimulate your arousal to distract you. That arousal could be psychological (peaking your interest), emotional (causing you to feel connected to them), or sexual.
    4. Pathological liars exhibit strange behaviors: Can you remember how you felt, perhaps as a child or teen, after you were caught lying to a teacher, a parent, or friend? Did you feel guilty, sad, or afraid that the other person would no longer accept you? Some research suggests that pathological liars show no discomfort when caught lying, while other studies suggest that liars may become aggressive and angry when caught. The bottom line is that no pathological liar is the same.

    As you can see, trying to understand the liar is as difficult as trying to understand how the world began. It’s something that requires a lot of study, patience, intuition or discernment, and wisdom. Research continues in trying to understand the mind and behavior of the pathological liar. Psychiatrists and mental health professionals continue to research the liar in order to understand why they do what they do and how we can protect their victims.

Please understand that we post this to inform others so that they can be aware of the truth and protect them self’s.

if you would like any documents we have or have posted please get in touch with us and we will get them over to you.


Evan lee jensen the cold hard truth.

evan lee jensen photo
Evan jensen 5/8/1966

We will only post true facts about Mr. jensen you will see step by step how he stalks and harasses people in the paranormal. as well as his true criminal background.

All documents have been verified through law enforcement and court documents. We have provided you with phone numbers to call as well as documents.

now in a video Evan just put out he claims he could not be a felon due to he just did jury duty. (please see video below)

there is just a small problem with his statement. according to the law Evan jensen could not have served on jury duty (please see the law posted below)

according to ORS 137.281


ORS 137.281 (Withdrawal of rights during term of incarceration);

(E) Has been convicted of a felony or served a felony sentence within the 15 years immediately preceding the date the person is required to report for jury service; or

(F) Has been convicted of a misdemeanor involving violence or dishonesty, or has served a misdemeanor sentence based on a misdemeanor involving violence or dishonesty, within the five years immediately preceding the date the person is required to report for jury service.

(b) As used in this subsection:

(A) Felony sentence includes any incarceration, post-prison supervision, parole or probation imposed upon conviction of a felony or served as a result of conviction of a felony.

(B) Has been convicted of a felony has the meaning given that term in ORS 166.270 (Possession of weapons by certain felons).

(C) Misdemeanor sentence includes any incarceration or probation imposed upon conviction of a misdemeanor or served as a result of conviction of a misdemeanor.

(4) A person who is blind, hard of hearing or speech impaired or who has a physical disability is not ineligible to act as a juror and may not be excluded from a jury list or jury service on the basis of blindness, hearing or speech impairment or physical disability alone.

Now we know for fact that Mr. Jensen was convicted of Kidnapping and did time in prison.

(please see document below )

omg evan

Now as well in Evans own words he clams to be blind ( please see screen shots)

Evan 00

Now as well as he can not serve on a jury duty do to he has out standing warrants out for his arrest. ( please see document below)

warrent on evan

the verify please call the petersburg police police department at ( 1-804-732-4222) and give his name and date of birth.

this indeed shows that he could not have done jury duty.!!!

so one must ask why would he go to such links to cover up by faking a check? this is nothing new with Evan jensen due to we have  seen this many times before.

Mr. jensen has even gone as far as to have a person on one of his shows to pretend to be someone he was slamming and harassing at the time. ( please see screen shoots below.

evan and judi

this is not the only Evan has falsified thing below you will see in screen shots how Evan has made up thing to get attention in the paranormal. (please see screen  shots below)

Evan 02

Now Evan states he is only calling out the fakes in the paranormal field. but this screen shot shows that Evan him self indeed fakes things. one must ask them self if the paranormal is indeed about evidences and Evan is faking evidences, one would ask where is hes credibility stand?

Now one must understand the cold hard truth is Evan Lee jensen lies and makes false clams. he has even call DA’s office . it is always the same the DA and police always state that Mr. Jensen lies. and that he indeed does so to harass others.(please see a screen shot from the DA him self speaking volumes on the Lies Evan lee Jensen tells.

screenshot evan lieing to get othersin trublescreenshotevan jensen lies to get others in truble 02screenshot evan lieing to get others in truble 03 now Evan called the DA’s office stating that Scott was committing police impersonation. witch as every one can see was not true. but Evan him self in his own words state he works for the FBI.(please see screen shot below)

evan saing he is a fed agentEvan as well Stated he was a Navy Seal in order to obtain trust from people he had meet on the internet. (please see screen shot below)

evan navy seal

Now as you will see this as well was proven to be just another lie from Evan Lee Jensen. once his DD114 was pulled it had come to light that Evan never even made it out of basic training. Due to only a few days in he pulled a loaded gun on his commanding officer and landing himself in the Brink.

Evan was dishonorably discharged due to mental illness. ( please see his DD214 below.)






Now once this came to light and Evan had no way but to admit it he only then came clean. (please see screen shot below)

evan amiting he not a seal

 Now Evan once caught in lies will alter peoples statements. ( please see below the facts of this)

evan facking others statments 01

evan faking others staments 02

evan facking others staments 03

evan facking others statments 04

evan facking others statments 05

evan facking others statments 06

evan facking others statments 07

evan altering coments

Now Evan has done this many times to many different people.

He is well know to stalk the woman in the paranormal to the point of some of the woman had to obtain a restringing order. (please see copy below)

restaning order

there are many warrants and restating orders out for him from all over America.

Once any one calls him out or goes to post the truth he blocks them . (please see screen shots)

evan blocking anyone posting the truth 01.png

evan blocking the truth 02

Now many have Heard about Evan Lee Jensen being  a child Pedophile. This is indeed true. Evan Lee Jensen had gotten mad a man by the name of Rick Row. and mailed porn to his child.

for more info please go to


if you would like you can E-mail him and he will inform you of everything showing documentation.

we always encourage you to reach out and contact the people for you’re self’s so that you can get the full story.

We will be posting more as we have over 100 people sending us things and need to verify them before we post them. we will keep every one up-dated.



Evan Lee Jensen the cold hard truth.

evan lee jensen photo

For most of the paranormal they know Evan lee Jensen by a slam blog he wrights called the paranormal Herald. Where he uses the blog sight to post lie’s and slander about many in the field of the paranormal.

Who is the True Evan Lee Jensen? We will post all documents on this page so that you may see for you’re self That is is indeed a convicted kidnapper and child pedophile. A man that was sentenced to 10 years in Oregon state penitentiary for kidnapping a woman he was stalking.  (please see document  below)

omg evan

Now one may ask why is a man that spent time in prison for stalking and harassing to the point of kidnapping be let into any ones home to do a paranormal investigation.

And with being a know child pedophile this is putting children in a direct danger. He should not be around any child. most of all young boy’s

Evan lee Jensen first appeared in the paranormal scene in 2010 only 5 short years ago. where he went on his first paranormal investigation with a team from his home town.

While at the investigation he made sexual advances towards the home owner as well as one of the young female investigators it was only a few hours in when the team and home owner had kicked him out of the investigation.

Evan begin to make up some wild story’s to sat the least to get others to trust him so he could go on investigations. one story almost landed him back in jail.

He claimed to be a decorated Navy Seal.

evan navy seal

Now the truth came to light and we came to fiend they Evan lee jensen committed stole valor. we have all the documents posted here for you.






Now once he was confronted with this his story changed when he stated he was sorry that he never said he was a Navy Seal

evan amiting he not a seal

This just shows how he will not think twice about lying .

then he claims to work with the FBI. please see screen shot below.

evan saing he is a fed agent

From then on Evan Lee Jensen has a long history of stalking and harassing people on line as you will see by the screen shots below.

He prides his self   in making up lies about others.

At one point and still to this day he has gone after Ryan Bull do to he would not come on his internet radio show. he even went as far as to have some one come on and pretend to be Ryan to just to lie and sabotage Ryan.

evan and judi

As you can see in he own words Evan has no problem lying and setting people up. It is what he does.

He even goes as far as to alter peoples messages to make him self look like he is in the right.

evan altering coments

this is not the only one he has done this to. there are 100’s that he has done it to.

now as if this is not enough to send people running as far way from Jensen and his slander and stalking. yes it gets worst.

In 2014 Evan went after a woman by the name of Christina. and what he did to her would make any one sick.

Evan had posted photos of Christina’s dying grandmother and posted that Christina killed her.

This promoted the start of many restating orders and warrants put out on Evan Lee jensen please see below.

restaning order

he as well harassed a man by the name of Brett till the day Brett was murdered After he would not lie and go along with Evans made up White eyed kid demon story.

Evan 02

When Brett passed Evan went on a face book sight for RIP. Brett and stated . (good glad that fucker is dead. )

WHO DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT? I know Brett well he was my co host and a great friend to a lot of people. he is miss.

brett 01

R.I.P. brother you are missed.

now he started on many other people  and now has many warrants out for him

warrent on evanthe warrant is for stalking,

Why is a 50 year old man who is a convicted kidnapper and a known pedophile in a field where we go into peoples home around their children. Evan has been in and out of asylums most his life.this is a very dangers individual. please fill free to take any documents from here you need. let stop these kind of people in the paranormal. remember the next child’s life you save could be you’re own. This man should never be around any little boy.

we always post document so you know that what is being posted is fact. please do you’re homework on people. if it is just on line that is one thing but please pull backgrounds checks before you let some one into you’re home or around you’re family. the life you could be saving could be you’re own.


Judi Giramonti, paranormal drunk.

judi g

For as long as any one can remember Judi and Evan have had A on line love -hate relationship going on.

Judi has always been Evan’s lap dog so to say but one may ask why. Why would a 60 year old woman befriend a known convicted kidnapper and child pedophile.

well that is the question on everyone’s mind?  in order to answer that question we must first know the mental mentality and thought process on this individual.

Judi was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Witch explains the deformation in her facial features. witch is common in fetal alcohol syndrome.

please see chart below.


This would as well explain Judi’s mental mind set. It is well documented that the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome causes many in-formalities with in the brain it’s self

The term Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) includes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND). Individuals with FASD often have symptoms or behavior issues that are a direct result of damage to the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that controls “executive functions.”

central part of emotional circuitry, senses danger, fear and anxiety; plays major role in recognizing faces and facial expressions, social behavior, aggression, and emotional memory; critical for stimulus-reinforcement association learning.

The hypothalamus, amygdala, and hippocampus are part of the limbic system, which regulates emotions, social and sexual behavior, the “fight or flight” response, and empathy, all areas of concern for individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure.

Executive Functions
Executive functions of
the prefrontal cortex:
Effects of alcohol exposure on behaviors
related to executive functions:
  • inhibition
  • problem solving
  • sexual urges
  • planning
  • time perception
  • internal ordering
  • working memory
  • self-monitoring
  • verbal self-regulation
  • empathy
  • regulation of emotion
  • motivation
  • judgment
  • socially inappropriate behavior, as if inebriated
  • inability to figure out solutions spontaneously
  • inability to control sexual impulses, esp. in social situations
  • inability to apply consequences from past actions
  • difficulty with abstract concepts or time and money
  • like files out of order, difficulty processing information
  • storing and/or retrieving information
  • needs frequent cues, requires policing by others
  • needs to talk to self out loud, needs feedback
  • diminished sense of remorse, inability to understand others
  • moody roller-coaster emotions, exaggerated
  • need external motivators to complete menial tasks
  • inability to weigh pros and cons when making decisions

Now as we all know this would explain much of what Judi is known for doing. As you can see by the links posted below.




now as you can see She has a long track record of stalking and harnessing others on line to get attention this stems from her diminished sense of remorse. she does not understand that what she does impacts her future.

this is where Evan Jensen and her relationship falls into place. she has the inability to weigh the pros and cons when making decisions. in her mind set Evan being a child pedophile and convicted kidnapper is normal. she see nothing wrong with him hurting others . as we know by her history her own children had been taken for abuse by the state of CT. and Judi was  never allowed to see them. due she tried to drowned her own daughter when she was a baby.

For Judi hurting a child, or an elderly person is the same as stepping on a bug. So she can not see anything wrong with Evan Jensen being a child pedophile, or harming his own mother as she lied dying in a nursing home. or taking his brother that passed away identity.

for Judi in her minds eye this is perfectly acceptable behavior. Along with the stalking she partakes in. the Stalking goes back many years as well as her alcohol and drug addiction please see her police documents below.


judi 05

judi 02

As you can see Judi has a long history of stalking and harassing others. to the point of violation of protection orders. this woman is a danger to her self and society.

she has spent most her life much like Evan Jensen in and out of Jail and asylums. please see Evans police document.

omg evan

It is with this that that not only should these 2 people not be in the paranormal but should not be turned lose on society. these are two very dangers people who for what ever reason have found one another.

we ask that you do you’re home work before you contact people you do not know. do not just go off the internet but pull their police documents. if you do not you could end up with people like this in you’re home placing you’re family in imminent danger. placing you’re child right in the path of a know pedophile and convicted kidnapper.



Judi Giramonti,paranormal prostitute

judi g

Judi has been well know in the field of the paranormal for being the paranormal drunk. It was with new info and even her own words that she fully admits to being a prostitute.

it was when she had told the story of how she had gotten the $50 to adopted a dog from the animal shelter that would take every one back.

Judi was just kicked out of her mothers house due to the abuse of her 92 year old mother and grandchildren.

She had found a room/basement to rent from a young couple but things would not last long as they never does when it comes to Judi staying in one place to long. due to her out of control.

she had gone to the animal shelter and saw a dog she had wanted to take home.  but she did not have the $50. She met a guy at the animal shelter and offered a blow job for the $ 50 so she could adopted the dog. and the man took her up on it.

please see in her own words where she admits to it.

Let me set the record straight……first off yes I am on disability for PTSD and this just adds to it…….secondly that arrest was 10 years ago and it involved a domestic dispute and yes I did have 2 years probation for that and finished so I did my time to society…..third contacting one’s family is really funny when my mom is 92 and has dementia and my daughter and I never got along so I doubt you even got much out of her anyway and if you did who the hell cares. I never got thrown out of any where and always paid my rent…..I left on my own. As far as the dog goes the guy I have been seeing for 8 years got me the dog and if I did do that then that is my business unlike others I know. Both articles on Joe Vitale have been taken down and were put up do to the shit he said to me and calling me a crazy bitch was just not nice. No I did not get the messages until later that night cause I wasn’t home at the time. Oh yeah and last time I knew drinking was legal and I only drink once a month but lately I haven’t been drinking at all. Oh word to the wise I will find out who is writing this blog and it can only be one person I know of and that is the one that called the cops on me and you know you were told to LEAVE ME ALONE by them as I have done with you. I have said nothing about you so now I am telling you take this down and LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!

now please look at what she wrights.

As far as the dog goes the guy I have been seeing for 8 years got me the dog and if I did do that then that is my business unlike others I know. Both articles on Joe Vitale have been taken down and were put up do to the shit he said to me and calling me a crazy bitch was just not nice.

1-  her own word states she gave a blow job for a dog……..

2- in her own words she has been seeing this guy for 8 years.

Question – last year she was living at Darleen’s and never sad she had a boy friend…

Question- lest then 6 months ago when she was allowed to go on her 1st exorcism case. that was not her case and she tried to get money from the home owners with out the person who’s case it was even knowing. she did not have a boy-friend then.

3- Question- she admits to harassing Joe Vitale and lying about him. just due to he called her crazy!!!!!!  OKAY she is so he did not lie about it. she is on disability due to she is crazy….

Judi has a long history of stalking people her police documents show this.  just in February of this year 2016 there has been 3 police reports made , due to she has called peoples , collages, work, family’s, and the list goes on.

judi 02

judijudi 03

Now this is where Judi and Evan lee jensen  ( the paranormal fields own para pedophile, and convicted kidnapper)  are so much alike . you see they bash people with lies and and then when the people they are bashing and have lied about stand up to them self’s  they cry.

One would ask them self what is a 60 year old drunk prostitute who only a few years ago address was  an asylum in South Carolina. ( and yes it is true,,, folks you can not make this kind of shit up. (she even admits it on one of her radio shows…) And A 50 something year old man Evan Jensen child pedophile and convicted kidnapper  doing in a field where they go into peoples homes. around their children. Is there a meeting sight  called crazy and criminals we all do not about?????

Look the bottom line you guys ( all joking aside ) these are very danger’s People  we need to get the word out in the paranormal community about the truth of these people.

if we do not and they go into a unsuspecting persons home and something happens. it is on all of us. stand and let these 2 people know that we will not let them hurt any one other.together our voices are strong



Evan Jensen & Judi Giramonti.

judi g

For as long as anyone can remember Judi N Giramonti ( aka Judi Little aka Judi Cowden has  run amok in the paranormal. doing what ever she can to get others to know who she is. Judi is well known for being the paranormal fields own drunk. stalker , harasser and just all out liar.

to understand how this came about one must first understand who Judi Giramonti truly is. we have indeed dug into her past and found some interesting things.

Judi was adopted by Andrew Giramonti and Ross Giramonti ( Costanzo) due to Judi biological mother have severe drug and alcohol addiction. Judi was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. witch would would count for the deformation characteristics of her face. As well as the mental capacity of her thinking process.


The mental impact into adult hood is proven

As individuals with FASD enter adulthood, they and their family members and caregivers face additional challenges. Adults are increasingly vulnerable to the secondary disabilities associated with FASD such as trouble with the law, mental health problems, an inability to live independently, and victimizing others. Adults are more likely to be unemployed and often struggle to manage the money in their possession. While a proper diagnosis, access to the best interventions, and a positive environment are beneficial, they often do not prevent secondary disabilities.

Judi had lost custody of  her two children, Damien Little and Shannon Kreutzer when they where very young due to Judi’s drug and alcohol, as well as mental and physical abuse to her children.

her mother Ross and her father Andrew raised Judi’s children as Judi was in and out of trouble with the law for Drugs, alcohol, stalking and harnessing please see her police documents below.

judi 02

judi 03



Judith Giramonti, 44, of 387 Meriden Ave., Southington; charged with violating a restraining order.

As you can clearly see Judi is no stranger to stalking and harassing people.  others have placed their stories on blogs in order to try to stop her from doing it to others. I have placed the links here for you.






We had came to hear about Judi giving a blow job for $ 50 to earn the money to adopt a dog. folks you just can not make something like this up!!!

in her own she words admits to giving a blow job for the $50.

Let me set the record straight……first off yes I am on disability for PTSD and this just adds to it…….secondly that arrest was 10 years ago and it involved a domestic dispute and yes I did have 2 years probation for that and finished so I did my time to society…..third contacting one’s family is really funny when my mom is 92 and has dementia and my daughter and I never got along so I doubt you even got much out of her anyway and if you did who the hell cares. I never got thrown out of any where and always paid my rent…..I left on my own. As far as the dog goes the guy I have been seeing for 8 years got me the dog and if I did do that then that is my business unlike others I know. Both articles on Joe Vitale have been taken down and were put up do to the shit he said to me and calling me a crazy bitch was just not nice. No I did not get the messages until later that night cause I wasn’t home at the time. Oh yeah and last time I knew drinking was legal and I only drink once a month but lately I haven’t been drinking at all. Oh word to the wise I will find out who is writing this blog and it can only be one person I know of and that is the one that called the cops on me and you know you were told to LEAVE ME ALONE by them as I have done with you. I have said nothing about you so now I am telling you take this down and LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!


in her own words she states ( As far as the dog goes the guy I have been seeing for 8 years got me the dog and if I did do that then that is my business unlike others I know.)

now this is just a beginning to the story there is much more to come in part 2  see how Evan lee Jensen and Judi work hand and hand to stalk and harass many in the paranormal.