Evan Lee Jensen Stolen valor !!!!!

evan stating he his a navy seal

It is never sadder then a man that will commit stolen valor. a person that degrades the true heroes of this great country, men and woman that have given their very life’s for our freedom.

Evan Jensen had claimed to have served in the Navy seals to gain money and attentions.

it was with a woman by the name of Leslie that brought forth the truth about this so called man. and pulled Evan Lee Jensen own DD214.





now after he was called out he had no chose but to state that he lied about it

evan amiting he not a seal

now the saddest thing of all is this low life’s co host placed a post stating about how we need to respect the men and woman of the military. but yet she will support a man that commits stolen valor. and she knows that Evan is facing federal charges. and avoiding law enforcement.

One would ask why would a mother knowingly place her child in arms way of a known child pedophile.

why would she put her child in arms way of a convicted kidnapper. and if a good friend of hers served in the military and die. why the hell would she back a know and documented stolen valor.


3 thoughts on “Evan Lee Jensen Stolen valor !!!!!

  1. He only admitted he was never a Navy Seal after I exposed him and he was talking shit about Don Shipley a retired Navy seal who exposes dirt bags of Stolen Valor because he was assisting me. Don Shipley the gave him a call and put him on the spot with his bs lies.

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    1. Yes Leslie I can remember when he was slaming you stating you where lying but when you brought the truth out he had to come clean.
      And trust me as a person how has family in the military service now we thank you.
      It makes me sick the disrespectful way evan did this.


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