Evan Lee Jensen, faces fedreal charges,

evan lee jensen photo
Evan jensen

For many years now the Paranormal field has been stalked and harassed, by a man by the name of Evan Lee Jensen.

Who used a blog sight by the name of paranormal Herald on word press.

where he made up lies about many people in a failed attempt to to get attention.

Over the years there as been many warrants placed on Mr. Evan lee jensen. for stalking and harassing woman on line.

warrent on evanThis is just one of many out for Evan lee Jensen.

now over the years he has stalked over 100 victim’s and had many restringing orders placed on him below are just some of them.

restaing order i have agent evan

pertective order agenst evan

restaning order

Now to understand the vas danger of Evan lee jensen one must understand his past.

Evan had stalked woman way before the internet when a woman he had liked that live across the street from him cough him peaking in her window late at night.

she had filed a freestanding order agents Evan lee jensen. but this only made him mad.

only days latter she was at a Safeway getting food for her family when Evan held a knife to her throat in a attempt to rap and kidnap her.

to bystanders jumped in to help and held Evan till the police got there.

Evan ended up getting a 10 years prison sentences witch he did 3 of the 10 years.

omg evan

Once out of prison and off prole. Evan found his way into the field of the paranormal.

where his stalking and harassing of woman reached an all time high.

Evan would stalk the woman of the paranormal photos and when he found on he liked he would began to make comments to them using Face book etc.

when the woman would block him he then began to send porn to their children. or make up stories on them.

This has gone on for years. until he messed with the wrong people. and W.V and a judge out there came to understand just how far Evan Jensen would go to stalk the woman of the paranormal field.

as of today 5/20/2016  another restringing order was put into play.  and federal charges are being filed on Evan Lee Jensen.

it was with the worst case of stalking yet well the carol Malone and Scott stalking was a dame close 2nd.

when he had taken some photos of Cindi and photo shopped them to make it look like she was nude and blasted it all over the net.

or when he call her work and tried to get her to lose her job. he as well threatened he children.

and all just due to the fact that he liked her and she blocked him.

In only the 5 years that Evan has been on line he has over 100 victims.

we had received this today. and i must say we could not be any happier.

I have to say that my faith in humanity was wavering after being repeatedly STALKED and HARASSED… BUT …. after being granted a FINAL PERMANENT PROTECTIVE ORDER against one of the stalkers…. AND having the opportunity to help other victims by pursuing federal criminal charges to aid in changing laws on cyber stalking and harassing…..I can FINALLY see something good coming from all of this and it’s bigger than I ever imagined.
The funniest quote I heard this week was from a state US Attorney who said, “social workers might not be rich but they sure as hell know how to adapt to and/or create change which means they always win at Darwinism. The odds are always in their favor. Looks like someone picked the wrong victim.” 😂😂😂😂😂
We would like to thank WV courts and the police for steeping up and helping the victims.
we will keep every one up dated as more info comes in to us. we will report every step of the way  to make sure all his victims are kept up to date.
To all that has come foreword- by sending screen shots etc to the police thank you.
To Cindi- who show an amazing courage to stand up for what was right and help so many of the victims.
the kind of people who is there for so many when they fill there is no where to turn. you are indeed a a hero.



3 thoughts on “Evan Lee Jensen, faces fedreal charges,

  1. Carol as you know and most do we are not friends….but I do want to say it was great to see Cindi was able to get the legal help she needed. I know others are now doing the same as suggested and filing civil law suits.


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